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Maximize Efficiency at Your Rental Business with Effective Hire and Rental Solutions

Streamline the management of components, tools, materials, and documentation related to your rental products and services with it.hire&rental - integrated into your SAP system.

Equipment Rental Trending All Over the World

Equipment rental is a service provided by dealers and manufacturers that is becoming increasingly important in the value chain. In addition to the usual rental products such as construction machinery, containers, and transportation equipment, all types of tools and technical equipment are rented out.

Rental Products and Services as New Business Opportunities

Conventional traders in particular have identified rental as a new business opportunity and are providing this additional service for industrial business partners, tradesmen, and consumers. What has been missing until now was a solution based on SAP that enables companies with rental services to manage and control rental processes more efficiently. NTT DATA Business Solutions is closing this gap.

Just 20% Can Tip the Scales for Overall Efficiency

Even if approximately 80% of processes in retail and rental are similar and follow the same principles, it is the remaining 20% that determines the overall efficiency of a system – due to its inherent uniqueness.

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Are You Facing These Challenges at Your Rental Business?

  • Are you struggling with controlling the sheer range of processes and functional tasks that need to be completed and tracked?
  • Is automated tracking and billing of your rental processes difficult, or even impossible, due to them being managed outside of your SAP system?
  • Do you lack transparency over your rental equipment at your business and throughout the whole equipment lifecycle?
  • Do you have problems with balancing your portfolio on site, in the field, and with your cash flow?
  • Is it difficult to maximize the use of your fleet as well as the re-sale value at the end of your equipment’s rental life?
  • Are you sometimes caught between either maintaining rental equipment or selling it to keep transaction costs as low as possible?
  • Can you guarantee 100% equipment availability paired with excellent services, so that your customers always get what they need, exactly when they need it?
  • Are you able to plan ahead when it comes to spare parts requirements and maintenance resource capacity in case of equipment failure?

Do you struggle with one or more of these issues? Then visit our AddStore and learn more about it.hire&rental, our AddOn solution for the rental business.

it.hire&rental: A Complete and Efficient Rental Solution

Covering the Full Range of Your Rental Processes

With software from SAP and it.hire&rental you receive a pre-configured, flexible system, providing the highest level of integration. Our AddOn supports your SAP solution with the full range of rental processes from first offer through to all types of settlement.

Fast & Simple Operations via Rental Cockpit

it.hire&rental ensures fast, simple monitoring and management of your rental processes. Via a rental cockpit, it provides views of capacity utilization, the rent index, and availability.

Central Control with Rental Order Management View

Rental item availability according to region and time can be searched and selected with rental order management view. Using a graphic calendar display, the system enables fast assessment of availability and optimizes rental equipment selection. Additionally, settlement-related data is gathered and stored in this view.

Covering All Kinds of Rental Items

The rental view can be used for serialized or non-serialized managed goods, for short-term or long-term rentals, and also for collective rental items. For ongoing processes, this view allows the user to check progress and update data on rental activity.

Keep Track of the Big Picture

it.hire&rental delivers useful insights into operations thanks to sophisticated reporting and statistics functions.

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Fully Integrate All Rental Processes in SAP

Learn more about how it.hire&rental enables efficient processing of rental agreements as well as rental-related business processes. Detailed reports and statistics ensure you always keep track of your business activities.


Already convinced? Visit our AddStore and ask for an exclusive demo or callback from our expert, now.

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Map All Rental Operations Efficiently and Smoothly with NTT DATA Business Solutions

With the it.hire&rental solution AddOn, we provide traders and rental companies with an industry solution that is already integrated into the complete process environment of an SAP solution.

Based on our trade industry solution, with its pre-configured processes for sales, warehousing, and purchasing, the AddOn complements existing functions to map day-to-day rental operations. In this way, all business areas are fully and seamlessly integrated – from logistics to accounting, from rental to maintenance and repair, and from time management through to payroll accounting.

it.hire&rental: How Our Customers Benefit from Us

NTT DATA Business Solutions is a global SAP Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience. About 7,000 experts in 25 countries support you every step of the way – ensuring you get more out of your SAP solutions.

We know that your path towards digital transformation is just as unique as your company. That is why you need an IT partner who not only knows SAP software inside out, but also understands your industry and your specific business needs.

As a member of the NTT DATA group, we have leading-edge resources available to assist you and provide thought leadership. And, with data centers located throughout the world we deliver support wherever you need it.

More Useful Insights into it.hire&rental

Enhance Your Competitive Edge in the Hire and Rental Market
Enhance Your Competitive Edge in the Hire and Rental Market

Find the key for effective rental management with our solution it.hire&rental. Read more about how to master challenges and gain benefits in our solution brief.

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Digital Transformation
Optimizing Rental Services and Winning Customer Loyalty

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