Adapt to Changing Customer Expectations Using Disruptive Technologies

Make your business stand out from the rest in a world where the customer has more power than ever before.


Ensure Your Business Stands Out in a Competitive Market by Giving a Memorable Customer Experience

The customer experience is undergoing dramatic change, with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality playing a key role. Customers also have more options than ever before for purchasing a product or service – granting them an unprecedented level of power. Only companies that offer an efficient, positive, and memorable customer experience will achieve customer satisfaction and success. However, many useful technologies are only in their infancy and have plenty of untapped potential.

It is now up to you to use and develop the innovative technologies at your disposal to offer an immersive and personal customer experience. And the tools are there to be used. The focus now is to offer a seamless and streamlined customer experience. Surprisingly, this may actually be achieved by removing obsolete aspects of commerce, such as brick-and-mortar stores or call centres. However, these aspects of customer care won’t be left behind. They will be revolutionized and may be replaced by technologies such as virtual reality. But first, you need to understand the most prominent customer trends – both at present and by planning for the future.

Align Your Customer Experience with the Modern Digital Era

NTT DATA Business Solutions has amassed three decades of experience in assisting enterprises of all sizes with disruptive technologies. Since we have been supporting companies, the business landscape has changed drastically. We’ve always evolved in line with this. We can help you transform your customer-facing business practices with the SAP C/4HANA suite – the comprehensive solution range for customer experience. If you have questions about taking the next steps with your digital transformation or wish to learn more about adapting your customer experience for the modern era, get in touch with us today. Alternatively, find out more about what the SAP C/4HANA suite can offer you from our detailed buyer’s guide.

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How Customer Trends Could Revolutionize the Customer Experience

Companies Will Understand What Customers Want – Even Before They Do

AI and predictive analytics are continuously evolving the business landscape. However, these technologies are still new. We are likely to see them advance rapidly over the coming years and enable completely new opportunities. What if you could prepare a customer’s shopping cart for them at a store without them having to add items themselves? Or what if you could schedule deliveries when a client is running low on a product without them having to contact you? SAP is already applying AI and machine learning to business software with SAP CoPilot as well as supporting these technologies with SAP Leonardo. As AI and predictive analytics reach their full potential, businesses will gain opportunities to offer a more personal and effective customer experience. NTT DATA Business Solutions continuously helps companies plan and implement strategies with the latest technology. Find out more about the advisory services we offer as well as the customer experience suite SAP C/4HANA.

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Marketing Needs to Be Reinvented for a New Audience

How many times have you seen an advert on a website that didn’t interest you at all? The future could see businesses addressing their audience more directly. Indeed, SAP is venturing into automated email marketing driven by AI – but this is just the first step towards enhancing marketing with technology. NTT DATA Business Solutions has three decades of experience helping companies reinvent marketing strategies with new technologies and offers comprehensive application management services. In the coming years, this may be done by completely immersing customers in a virtual campaign. Companies might use technologies such as augmented reality to guide their clients through their whole brand story – even enabling customers to interact with aspects of this along the way. This could be by removing information about products or services from a company that are not interesting to them. A more personal, direct, and interactive experience could revolutionize the way companies deliver marketing material to its customer base. To find out more about SAP solutions for marketing, download our SAP C/4HANA buyer’s guide.

Business Models Will Never Be the Same Again

Concepts such as digitized automation and the data-driven economy are changing the face of business models forever. They provide companies and customers with the tools to add greater levels of flexibility and transparency. How long is it before customer experiences or even support staff are ranked on an individual basis with an online rating system – similar to that of Airbnb or Uber? This puts pressure on companies to ensure their customer service is consistent and high quality. While it may sound daunting to continuously adapt to changing business models, companies will gain the benefit of building closer, more sustainable relationships with their customers. Disruptive technologies are now starting to support new business models that open up new markets to customers. In the future, we are likely to see the scope of this change rapidly advance. NTT DATA Business Solutions has been supporting businesses of all sizes with adapting to the challenges that digitization presents. Learn more about taking the next steps with your IT strategy, and discover which solutions are best suited to your needs.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Might Become a Thing of the Past

Virtual reality has huge potential for adding new dimensions – literally – to the customer experience. Using VR headsets, customers can enter the virtual world to see how something will look rather than having to visualize it themselves. The range of applications for VR is vast, ranging from decorating a room to seeing the inside of a car, for example. The completely immersive experience gives customers the chance to try before they buy and could potentially render conventional stores obsolete. Showrooms may replace brick-and-mortar stores as they are significantly less expensive to maintain and also let people experience a product in person. Alternatively, some customers may use their own VR headsets to view products without ever leaving the house. NTT DATA Business Solutions has begun using virtual reality to assist technicians with their work. How long is it before this becomes a common offering for customer experience? Whatever the future holds for the shopping experience, NTT DATA Business Solutions will be there to assist companies with sales and marketing strategies that utilize disruptive technologies. Find out more about SAP solutions for sales and marketing here.

Customer Service Departments Could Be Replaced by Chatbots

Businesses are already using chatbots to enhance the customer experience. Chatbots can be implemented at businesses with the SAP Cloud platform in the backend and SAP Fiori in the frontend. However, this trend is still in its development stage as their capabilities are still somewhat limited. Companies should now push on with chatbot technology to redefine the customer experience. So, what can be expected from these bots in the future? Chatbots will likely gain greater cognitive abilities and be able to apply judgement to offer customers consultation services. As with robots, chatbots do not require breaks or holiday, meaning customer service departments could be available around the clock. Companies will boost customer satisfaction by handling queries more quickly and efficiently. Chatbots could even utilize psychological programming to cross sell and up sell more effectively than a human. NTT DATA Business Solutions is continuously working to help you connect with customers to redefine customer service based on SAP solutions, such as those included in the SAP C/4HANA portfolio. Find out more about the solution suite here.

Non-Stop Customer Support

Self-service support portals, such as that provided by SAP Cloud for Service offer customers around-the-clock support. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you get the most out of your customer-facing solutions with SAP consulting services. In the coming years, support services are likely to develop and offer a higher level of interaction to customers. Automation and robots could potentially not just be manning our factories and logistics centers, but call centers as well. This means support services could be available around the clock, 365 days a year. Imagine if you needed something at short notice in time for a national holiday, where human employees would be having time off? At present, customers would likely have to wait, or companies would have to employ more staff – which is costly. In the future, a bot could take your order while a robot prepares it and then a self-driving vehicle delivers your product. It might not be long before customers can rely on services that are always available. Learn more about the tools you need to give your customers a memorable experience in our buyer’s guide.

Customer Experience More Important Than Ever

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience
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