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Solution Design and Requirements Analysis

Leverage our services to ensure that you have the best prerequisites for finding the right solution for you and your business.


There can be numerous reasons for wanting to implement new solutions to support your business. Reasons can include your business currently not having the right solution to support it, your employees not being able to do their jobs efficiently or not being able to deliver the customer experience that your customers expect. To find a new solution, which is the right fit for your organization, you need to know your requirements – both the must-have (mandatory) and nice-to-have (optional) ones. Unless you have previously defined requirements or have the time and passion to immerse yourself into this topic the task can seem quite overwhelming. Where to start and how to approach it? This is where our services come into the picture.

Why us?

We are more than familiar with the level of detail required when talking about requirements and solution design. Since we have implemented many customer experience solutions, we are also aware of the opportunities these solutions have to offer, which makes us an ideal partner if you are looking for inspiration on which additional requirements to include in your vision for the future.

*Please note: Our services are not limited to the ones listed here – these are merely examples of what we have to offer.

Customer Journey Exploration Workshop

We believe that processes involving customers should be based on and aligned with the respective customer journey in mind. Understanding the customer journey will ultimately help you improve your customer experiences, while identifying inefficiencies and non-value adding activities within your internal processes. Understanding your customer journey will also help you understand which touchpoints and processes your future customer experience solution(s) will have to support.

Requirements documentation

Through a review of the existing processes we can define the requirements that a new solution has to cover, and this combined with our knowledge of what is possible in today’s customer experience solutions, we can also inspire you on other requirements to include as mandatory or optional. The output of this service will be a document listing all your mandatory and optional requirements for the new solution.


Michael Vraa-Jensen

Michael Vraa-Jensen

Director, CX LoB

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