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SAP Field Service Management

Boost customer satisfaction by providing your customers with an effortless and proactive service experience.

SAP Field Service Management

Equip your technicians to execute all their daily tasks end-to-end directly from a mobile device by integrating front- and back office processes. Leverage the service back office to allocate service technicians more efficiently and utilize real-time insights to make decisions. Resolve customer issues quickly by enabling your technicians to leverage machine learning, AI and IoT, and most importantly boost customer satisfaction and thereby drive revenue with SAP Field Service Management.


Key features:

– Improve resolution times by deploying mobile technology and AI recommendations to find the right technician quickly as well as the availability of the right parts.

– Accelerate service visits by harmonizing front- and back-office processes thereby easing collaboration with the customer in mind.

– Boost customer satisfaction and revenue by increasing productive time, efficient service team allocation and decision making based on real-time analytics.

– Enhance your service experience through a transparent self-service portal, where customers can order service, access reports of previous service visits and keep track of ongoing service calls.

– Benefit from online and offline mobile capabilities to work anywhere and for any customer

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