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Simplify Your Master Data Management with it.mds

Master data is the foundation of your business processes, value chain management, and overall growth strategy. With it.mds, you can streamline your master data maintenance and leverage accurate and timely insights that help you make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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The interface of it.mds is simple and user friendly to simplify master data maintenance
Say goodbye to the headaches that come with manual master data management processes and hello to more effective decision-making

Are You Facing One or More of These Master Data Management Challenges?

Are your business users spending hours performing manual tasks for master data maintenance activities?

Are you tired of experiencing process interruptions and errors in your data but don’t know where to start looking for the root cause?

Does your organization lack a single version of truth for all master data?

Thanks to clearly defined business rules and responsibilities, it.mds can help you simplify data maintenance and enhance data quality. You can say goodbye to the headaches that come with manual master data management processes and hello to more effective decision-making based on accurate and timely insights.

Transform Your Business with Strong and Reliable Master Data Management

Effective master data management is about more than just cleansing data. It's about breaking old habits and spreading the positive effects of strong, well-maintained, and reliable master data. We understand that managing master data can be complex and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. That's why we've developed it.mds, a solution based on three winning principles: simplification, automation, and governance.

Simplify your data management processes


With it.mds, we make it easy for you to simplify your data management processes. Our solution enables you to reduce the number of fields you need to manage, simplifying your day-to-day practices and eliminating unnecessary work. By simplifying your data management processes, you can reduce complexity and improve efficiency, allowing you to achieve more with less effort.

Leverage the power of AI and clever rules to automate your data management maintenance


it.mds leverages the power of AI and clever rules to automate your data management processes and speed up decision-making. Our solution uses AI to analyze your current data and identify challenges and opportunities, allowing you to proactively address issues before they become a problem. We also enable you to define business rules that automate your data maintenance processes and ensure consistency across your organization. By automating your data management processes, you can reduce manual effort and improve accuracy.

Make governance less tedious and benefit from better data quality


We make governance less tedious with it.mds by providing clear responsibilities and process controls for the creation and change processes. Our solution offers simple authorizations and slick workflows that allow for logical approval flows. This helps to minimize the risk of errors, which ultimately leads to more effective decision-making and business growth.


Migrating to it.mds has enabled us to simultaneously change and streamline our processes, which has been highly beneficial. NTT DATA Business Solutions played a key and valued role in this process – not least by providing us with excellent tools to clean up our data.

Kasia Cieszynska, Head of Master Data, Statkraft

Simplify your Master Data Maintenance | it.mds
Watch on it.mds | Simplify your Master Data Maintenance

Benefit from up to 95% Reduced Manual Data Entry

Are you struggling with poor data quality and, as a result, with costly, error-prone processes and reporting? Then it is about time to find out more about our own solution – it.mds.

it.mds provides full data transparency and simplifies your processes by managing, consolidating, and harmonizing all master data in one single central, integrated solution. With out-of-the-box functionality and features that facilitate master data maintenance, your company can count on a single version of truth for decision-making. At the same time, automated completeness checks and workflows help eliminate errors and save considerable time and effort.


it.mds: The Easy Way to Simplify Master Data Management

Enhanced Data Quality

Master Data Management needs to be based on central, standardized rules and clearly defined ownership – throughout the entire lifecycle. By harmonizing and synchronizing master data, it.mds minimizes errors, inconsistencies, and data integrity issues.

Simplified Decision-Making

Instead of complex, technical ERP terms, your users can define company-specific terminology to facilitate quick decisions based solely on business needs. With workflow support and a clear overview of all master data across your business, decision-making is much easier.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

With it.mds, up to 95 percent of data maintenance tasks can be automated. This not only reduces the risk of human error – it also saves your company significant time and enables your employees to focus on other important business activities.

Strong Governance

In addition to improving data quality, it.mds includes an integrated data governance process. This allows you to administer content and processes centrally and establish a framework for data integrity, availability, and usability.

Intuitive User Interface

As your organization grows in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the rising volumes of data. it.mds makes your employees’ lives easier with a user-friendly interface displaying only the fields that are relevant to them.

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High-Quality Master Data with our AddOn Solution

Did you know that data-related problems cost companies more than $5 million annually? Not necessarily. Profit from simplified master data management with our AddOn solution it.mds


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In this webinar recording, you will hear from compliance and master data management experts from NTT DATA Business Solutions and CDQ. They will share how to reduce manual efforts in managing compliance, so that compliance can become your secret weapon to successful business partner onboarding. In today's fast-paced environment, it is crucial for organizations to be able to collaborate and manage data with partners, suppliers, and customers. However, as companies onboard business partners, they also unwillingly onboard hidden risks. In this webinar, we'll explore the hidden dangers of business partner onboarding and discuss how master data management can help organizations protect themselves against these risks. Our experts will also share some of their best kept secrets of how to enable and facilitate better and faster master data management that ensures compliance and quality.

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