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How to Find and Onboard the Ideal Recruit

Talent management is a key theme in today’s global and increasingly agile business environment. Consequently, HR is more central to enterprises than ever before. To find, manage, and retain the brightest assets, an organization’s HR department needs to be informed, responsive, and adaptable. And for this, it needs the right software.

SAP SuccessFactors is a compilation of scalable, modular talent management solutions that could help you find, engage, and develop the perfect employee. This three-part series examines how this hypothetical — but nonetheless realistic — story could unfold at your company.

Spotting a Rare Talent
Your organization is looking to expand. Increasing demand for your products calls for reinforcements to the sales team. Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, which improves your site’s ranking on the most relevant portals, your visibility on the job market is at an all-time high. The applications start flooding in as soon as Sally from HR posts the junior sales vacancy online.

Back in the day, your hiring manager would have spent precious hours sifting through masses of profiles to find the right fit. But the Recruiting solution’s comprehensive toolkit for selection and analysis matches your requirements to the application, automatically sorting candidates in order of suitability. There is one in particular that catches your eye.

Ryan is a university graduate with some previous experience in sales. His record, even at such an early stage in his career, is impressive; and an interview confirms that he has a way with people. He would make the ideal junior sales recruit.


Job postings from 3,000+ sources in over 80 countries

A Smooth Transition
Once Ryan has accepted your offer, it is time to prepare him for his new role. SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding incorporates the latest best practices to help convert new hires into enthusiastic, motivated, and productive employees — all in record time.

The solution allows Ryan to engage with his peers and access relevant content —even before he sets foot inside the office. This means that when his first day comes around, he is able to hit the ground running.


Onboarding costs reduced by 13%

His transition is made even smoother by Employee Central. To work for your company, Ryan has had to relocate. And with this user-friendly hub for employee and organizational data, he is able to update his own details quickly and easily. This saves time and effort for both him and your HR staff.


Break-even point in just 6.2 months

Hooray for Payday!

Ryan’s first pay check has arrived — and how he deserves it! The payment is correct and on time due to Employee Central Payroll. This is a secure, scalable, and flexible payroll solution with automatic legal compliance and global reach. Ryan and the rest of your employees need never worry about incorrect or late payments again.


Up to 3x lower TCO over 5 years

More to Come…

Every part of your new recruit’s introduction to the business so far has run smoothly. But how can you ensure that Ryan continues to improve, deliver the best results, and ultimately fulfill his great potential? The next installment in the series has the answer. Or find out now how the “Life of Ryan” continues — in this NTT DATA Business Solutions infographic.

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