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Moving away, moving on.

In August 2016, I was offered the opportunity to become a SAP Junior Professional at NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy. For me, the decision to join NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy was also a decision to leave my home base in Copenhagen and move to Jutland. “Why are you considering moving to Jutland, Jonas? What will you do there?” people kept asking me. Moving to Jutland and joining NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy was for me not only a natural step for my career, but also a personal choice of chasing my dream to become a SAP consultant. So far, being part of NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy has already proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy provides me with not only important work experience, but also methods and coaching from experienced consultants, which are needed to solve real-life cases for customers.

In this blog post…

…as well as the two following, I will share my experience of being a SAP Junior Professional at NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy. In my first blog post I will share some experiences from my first period as Junior Professional. In blog post number two, I will talk more about the role of a coach – an important element of your learning process.  In blog post number three, I talk more about the network you are provided with as consultant and the opportunities this will provide you. Lastly, I will highlight three key things you can do to prepare for a career in consulting.

Steep learning curve and customer project from day one

As a SAP Junior Professional at NTT DATA Business Solutions, I work within the area of Shipping and Transportation. As Junior Professional, I have experienced a steep learning curve from day one. When I started in the program, I did not have any experience with SAP or consulting at all. I started my journey as Junior Professional with one week intensive boot camp and introduction to SAP, together with other juniors in the program. Here we became familiar with the basic concepts and processes in SAP. Different departments also attended and introduced us to different areas and parts of the system. It was a very exciting week, but also hard due to all the new concepts and terms in SAP were introduced to at the same time. We did a lot of hands-on work and tested different tasks and processes in the system during the week, which was very cool!

In the period after the boot camp…NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy

…I spent many hours acquainting myself with matters within my focus area in order to improve my knowledge. Along with the introduction to SAP and customer projects, challenges and frustrations followed. However, I believe that frustration and challenges are a natural part of the educational development and of becoming capable of making your own decisions as consultant.

Something that has surprised me about the program…

….is how fast I became an integrated part of the team and was given important tasks with a high degree of responsibility. Together with my coach, I have worked on customer projects almost from day one. I believe that working in the field is the greatest way to learn and progress rapidly. During my first 6 months, I have learned more than I thought possible and experienced things, I can make use of in my future projects. For example, I have learned the valuable lesson of matching expectations with the customer, however more about this will follow in the second blog posts. Stay tuned.


“NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic is one of the leading international full-service providers of SAP solutions, which both support and implement SAP to more than 500 customers worldwide. NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy is a two-year program where the participants develop from Junior Professionals to experienced consultants. Coaching from an experienced consultant to support the Junior Professional is a key factor in the career development from junior to consultants”.

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