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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we strive to be sustainable by leveraging technology, data and processes to accelerate sustainable value creation.

Sustainability and social responsibility are important cornerstones of our work.

Project from the heart: Our social responsibility (CSR)

We are a global company, with global responsibilities. We will not waver from our goal of ensuring we leave the world a better place than we found it.

For us, that means deploying our skills against the biggest issues concerning our world today, supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and manifesting our social and environmental goals daily. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards of responsibility in all areas of business – enabling positive change wherever we can.

We aim to establish a culture that is proud and inspired to contribute towards positive, global impact. Read on to see how we translate our passion for people into tangible results.

We are proud to present the projects that are close to our hearts.
We have a responsibility to ensure that the future has room for everyone.

Committing to the UN’s SDGs

A world of peace, justice, and prosperity does not have to remain a dream. That was the idea behind the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – a targeted, measurable, and meaningful approach to bettering our world. We aim to further these goals in all we do, from creating sustainable cities to fighting inequality. Whether employees or partners, we seek the company of those with the same passion.

Our projects show how we put our commitment into practice. We are actively engaged in 4 focus areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable & innovative economy
  • Social engagement & human health
  • Employees & workforce
We are determined to fight climate change.

Environmental Protection

We are facing a climate crisis that is already wreaking havoc across the globe. Left unopposed, it is set to get much worse. That is why we are supporting the development of the perfect sustainable world: accountable businesses, circular economy, and social change. Our efforts are part of a bigger picture, and we will contribute as much as possible to that. Read more about our initiatives here.

How We Protect Our Environment

Planting trees for carbon neutrality

Trees are the key to regenerating our planet. Through measures such as planting a tree for every internet search using the Ecosia browser, we strive for carbon neutrality. It also means supporting tree planting projects in our partner countries and continuing to make progress in regenerating the earth.


We support tree planting projects all over the world.

Switching to green energy

Whatever the price of energy, it is the environmental cost that we bear most painfully. This year, we decided to take the first step in our transition to renewable energy. In a big step towards our sustainability goals, our offices and data centers in Germany are now powered by 100% clean energy.

Our operation in Germany now runs exclusively on green energy.

Creating sustainable workplaces at NTT DATA Business Solutions

All our decisions, from how we stock our offices to how we travel and communicate, are made with the utmost attention to our sustainability goals. This means that we replace carbon dioxide-heavy travel arrangements with digital meetings, and choose partners who share our passion for protecting the environment.

NTT DATA Business Solutions workplaces are sustainable.
NTT DATA Business Solutions and our employees strive to make the world a better place.

Sustainable & Innovative Economy

It is our unique privilege to be able to see our innovations change the world for better. Our employees get the opportunity to make waves, not just in the corporate scene but for projects that will have positive repercussions for years to come. Here are a few sustainable innovation projects we are particularly proud of.

How we develop sustainable and innovative solutions

Børns Vilkår – Children’s welfare in Denmark

Being able to guide children through life’s difficulties is equal parts privilege and challenge. Børns Vilkår, a Danish children’s welfare hotline, understands this better than most. To help their counsellors focus on connecting with the children, we are developing an AI-based ”ethical advisory agent” to assist them in their calls.

Børns Vilkår implements new technology to help them in their important work.

Smart Island Rømø – Realizing a greener future

The project team at ”Smart Island Rømø” built a platform for sustainable public places and infrastructure – ethically, intelligently and to great local and environmental effect.

Through anonymized traffic data, traffic safety increases and the carbon footprint decreases. It has highlighted new ways to reduce waste and even increase tourism, creating new standards for greener, better future planning.

Smart Island Rømø is part of a project to give life to modern, sustainable ecosystems.

Truck Chain – Lowering emissions in transport

Reducing low-capacity or empty haulage leads to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. But achieving this can be difficult when logistics providers face strong competition and a large number of decentralized players in the market. This is where blockchain technology comes into play. Securing a fair and transparent platform for all market participants creates trust and a win-win situation: fewer empty runs to benefit the environment, lower costs for customers and better capacity utilization for transportation companies.

Reduced transport emissions with blockchain technology

Giant hogweed – Fighting invasive species

Giant hogweed is a noxious weed, an invasive species and highly toxic, and until now it has been difficult to control throughout Europe. With the help of drones, SAP systems and Big Data, a technical cloud solution enables an impressively high level of identification in nature. We won a SAP Innovation Award 2019 as ”Best Process Innovator” for this work, and its continuous progress means that the eradication of the giant hogweed is drawing ever closer.

Technology helps in the fight against poisonous giant hogweed.
As a global company, we are responsible for the well-being of the people around us.

Social engagement and human health

After witnessing the positive impact our employees had in their communities, we decided to introduce paid volunteer days. Our employees can now contribute to great causes during working hours, helping to spread even more kindness. Read on to find out how they’ve been putting time to good use around the world.

What we do for our community

Ummeed Initiative – Community Involvement in India

Getting more girls in school, promoting road safety, helping victims of natural disasters, planting trees, supporting institutes for disabled children and donating blood – the list of impressive feats is long. NTT DATA Business Solutions in India is applauded for its CSR commitment, with many of their employees volunteering in an inspiring range of projects.

NTT DATA Business Solutions India donates its time to several good causes.

Standing up for a fairer future in Turkey

Our selfless Turkish colleagues have helped people and animals through many struggles, from families experiencing domestic violence and poverty, to animals rescued from the streets. Equally helpful and rewarding tasks include teaching robotics and coding in schools, all to shape the next generation of innovators.

Our colleagues in Turkey improve their local areas with their skills and time.
We are responsible for the well-being of our employees

Employees & Workforce

We want to push a perspective change. Corporate success is more than the efforts of its people; corporate success is the happiness of its people. Our workforce should represent the society we want to see, whether that be by mirroring the diversity around us or through initiatives aimed at inclusion. Check out how we achieve these objectives.

How We Care for Our Employees

Our diverse workplaces

No one should be excluded from a workplace by something as intrinsic as their identity or background. We encourage the sharing of ideas and worldviews and praise those who ensure that our workplaces are accessible to every individual. And should we see unconscious bias in hiring decisions or unfair labor practices, it is our duty to speak up and change them.


Accepting and celebrating different backgrounds is our culture.

Caring for employee welfare

The well-being of our employees is the top priority when designing our workplaces. We have a responsibility to support our employees with well-equipped offices, inclusive events and fun activities, so they can be their best selves, at work and in life. By promoting a healthy lifestyle in several of our global offices, we also ensure that our employees can stay healthy and fit.

The well-being of our employees is important to us

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