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NTT DATA Business Solutions | april 12, 2024

RISE with SAP in 9 short arguments

RISE with SAP is designed to make you thrive in an ever-changing world.

It’s a combination of AI, automation, the SAP BTP and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with endless possibilities. It’s a solution for navigating in a more and more cloud-centric world, where the AI arms race has really taken off.

But still today, many people ask the question:

What can you win by choosing RISE with SAP?

In this article we break down 9 essential arguments for choosing RISE with SAP as your Cloud ERP solution, reflecting the transformative enablers for future business capabilities.

RISE with SAP is the Cloud ERP solution of the future
Technologieberatung, mit der richtigen Beratung erhalten Unternehmen eine stabile Basis, ganz unabhängig ob Cloud pur, hybride Cloudarchitekturen oder auf herkömmliche Art und Weise

The basics of Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP software – the brains of the company

“Cloud ERP” is defined  as enterprise resource planning software that is accessible over the internet, by SAP.

As the IT backbone or “brains” of a company, cloud ERP software provides advanced functionality for all core processes in an organization. Hosted on a provider’s cloud computing platform, cloud ERP is typically delivered “as a service”. Customers don’t own the software, but instead lease it on an annual or monthly subscription basis. There are no upfront hardware costs – and the vendor takes care of application maintenance, upgrades and innovations, data storage, and security.

Two options of Cloud ERP with SAP S/4HANA

SAP offers two options of Cloud ERP with SAP S/4HANA as the core ERP system:

  • “Grow with SAP” (Public Cloud): Generally targeting new and mid-market businesses with a greenfield approach with a completely new beginning from scratch
  • “RISE with SAP” (Private Cloud): Targeting both existing SAP-based businesses with a brownfield need to migrate and preserve existing data and past investments, as well as existing and new customers with a greenfield need and special legal or regulatory compliance requirements.

In this article we zoom in on RISE with SAP and break down the 9 most essential arguments why you should consider it as the future ERP solution.

Why it's urgent to consider RISE with SAP

New Cloud ERP strategy from SAP

Companies and organizations, that have been using SAP as their business-critical ERP system for many years, are now facing SAP’s Cloud ERP strategy. A strategic change towards Cloud ERP that raises numerous questions to the current well-known ways of operation, and for some, also raises concerns to the significant changes this implies.

To understand and embrace this change, it’s important to develop a cloud mindset and to be open to the idea of a cloud strategy. It will open doors to new, transformative and future-proof ways of doing business, and to navigate the increasing pace of changing business requirements driven by continuously and rapidly evolving transformative technologies.


Argument #1: You can speed up innovation in your organization

Tomorrow’s innovation is taking place in cloud-based technology. Functionalities and features are evolving faster and faster there.

You get access to a range of off-the-shelf, best in class industry and functional cloud-only capabilities.

Adopt innovation and features – on the go!

By leveraging these, you’re able to empower your business with the ability to implement and adopt new innovations and features as they get released, thanks to having a cleaner core. These are value-adding tools that you can use in your everyday life of your business. And they are available to you with RISE with SAP.

This means that you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the key business processes in your organization, as well as increase business value from continuous innovation.


Argument #2: You can enable intelligent processes

Efficiency is about processes, and with RISE with SAP you can leverage embedded AI to improve process efficiency and decision-making across business functions. And you get to leverage the whole package from SAP’s roadmap, expertise, and rigorous processes for AI use case development and ethical review. Ultimately enabling more intelligent processes in your business.

More productivity, less costs

This way, you are not only able to increase your process productivity – in a world where the AI race has really taken off – you can also reduce your AI development costs, due to the AI capabilities being embedded.


Argument #3: You can empower your business users

With RISE with SAP, you can employ low code and no-code tactics to build applications and extensions. A practical benefit for your organization as you save time, effort and money spent on building, coding and employing applications. This shortens the path to benefit from value-creating tools, from idea to action.

Another way RISE with SAP enables you to empower your business users is by being able to identify process gaps and bottlenecks based on real-time insights and benchmarking against industry peers. You know what happens when it happens. Ultimately leading to improved process efficiency.


Argument #4: You can focus your resources on value creation

Eliminate tactical IT tasks

With RISE with SAP you can eliminate tactical IT tasks for user management, database management, and application lifecycle management. And by this improve your internal IT FTE productivity as well as improve your IT response time to new business request. This will enable you to focus your resources on value creation.

Spend your time on value creating activities

With RISE with SAP you are also able to shift your operating model towards activities that build differentiation and improve your value proposition. This enables you to improve the satisfaction of your business users.


Argument #5: You can ensure transformation success

With RISE with SAP you can ensure transformation success, by having a single party with single SLA, responsible for the core managing incidents, tickets, and application lifecycle.

Due to this advantage, you will not only experience improved solution time for incidents. You can also benefit from SAP best practices, references architecture, and cloud system design and build by SAP, resulting in an increase of your IT project execution success.

You can also take advantage from the RISE with SAP Adoption Framework, that guides you through all the steps needed for a smooth implementation.

All together ensuring transformation success for your organization.


Argument #6: You can optimize your IT costs and flexibly align to business needs

Cost, cost, cost. At some point, it all comes down to costs.

With RISE with SAP and its cloud subscription model, you can have a right-size subscription, that enables you to have future proof software licensing requirements.

This way, you’re able to reduce IT costs associated SAP maintenance and support, your current SAP contracts, infrastructure, applications management, technical managed services and IT governance, etc.

This also mean that you’re able to reduce your IT integration and maintenance cost, your SAP landscape software and maintenance costs, your infrastructure and stack cost, your application and technical support cost, and your IT process cost. All due to a right-size subscription.


Argument #7: You can reduce your technical debt

With RISE with SAP you can build and strengthen your organizational resilience by enabling you to take advantage of the methodology, the tools, the right to release based technical upgrades, the reference architecture, the APIs and services, that you need to maintain your business processes, extensions, data, integrations and operations – clean core compliant – to reduce technical debt.

The impact of this is that you ultimately reduce the costs and effort of executing projects. You reduce cost of custom code management. You adopt innovation, and you are from now on able to navigate business imperatives with agility.


 Argument #8: You can secure your organization against incidents

With RISE with SAP, you are more secure against incidents, due to integrated security, data protection, and risk mitigation.

Not only can you leverage SAP expertise, in addition that of hyperscalers, developed by monitoring of over 90,000 systems and 60,000+ tickets monthly. You can also deploy advanced malware management through endpoint detection and response and security orchestration automation and response.

The impact of this is that you reduce the business impact of potential downtime, you reduce risks due to cybersecurity incidents, and you increase cybersecurity FTE productivity.


Argument #9: You can improve your compliance and governance

With RISE with SAP you get localized compliance requirements pre-built – with frequent updates. You get simplified governance with one-hand to shake. And not to forget: RISE with SAP meets industry specific heightened audit and regulatory standards.

The impact for your organization is that you minimize potential legal liabilities due to non-compliance. And you also reduce IT compliance process costs and IT governance costs.


In summary

RISE with SAP is a guided journey to rethink your operating model – containing outcome driven services, Cloud ERP and platforms.

It’s an example of a strategy which thoroughly enable a future-build mindset for Cloud ERP, digital and AI transformation by leveraging:

  • Outcome-driven services: World-class cloud operations organization, standard Adoption Framework, Reference Architecture, Single SLA, Security framework and responsibilities, compliance services, application monitoring and incident management 
  • Leading Edge Business Capabilities: SAP S/4HANA Cloud, AI-embedded business processes, readiness to consume 
  • Business Platform and Analytics: Business Technology Platform, Analytics, SAP Build and Signavio 
  • Transformation Advisory: Customer Value Journey and Named Resources

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