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“The Life of Ryan” #3

“The Life of Ryan” #3: Collaboration, Preparation, Implementation

In the second installment of this three-part series on HR transformation, we saw Ryan continue to impress and even earn a promotion. SAP SuccessFactors allowed you to reward him suitably for his performance, spot his potential for HR management, and prepare him for his new role. In part 3, we focus on his collaboration with his new team. With the next recruitment strategy in the pipeline, just how will they ensure its success? Read on to find out.

Non-Stop Learning

Using the SAP SuccessFactors Learning module, you have taught Ryan almost everything he needs to know to succeed in his new role as HR manager. However, as with any position, there are certain things you only learn on the job — through experience, trial and error, and most importantly: asking questions.

The SAP Jam social collaboration tool puts Ryan in permanent contact with his new colleagues in HR, ensuring that his professional education is ongoing. Answers to simpler queries – “Who approves job offers?” — are only a message away. And more complicated matters, such as how to effectively advertise vacant positions, can be explained in video tutorials shared on the platform.


30% of internal social networks will soon be considered as essential as email and telephones

Collaborate and Succeed

The solution facilitates interdepartmental and external communication to help Ryan and his peers collaborate and drive results. The HR department is able to make preliminary plans for the next recruitment strategy more quickly and efficiently than ever. And, thanks to SAP SuccessFactors as a whole, it promises to be the most successful yet.

To implement the new strategy, Ryan and his team need to be well-informed, agile, and responsive. Workforce Analytics makes this possible by providing real-time data analysis, guiding decision making through clear insights and key metrics. At the same time, Workforce Planning helps them align the strategy to your organization’s aims by defining the skills and competencies you need. In addition, both modules offer access to an expert community, supporting the team throughout planning and deployment.


2,000+ built-in metrics and 19,500+ unique HR content elements

A Virtuous Circle

With another round of recruitment now underway, how will your HR department capitalize on the insights provided by Workforce Analytics and Planning? How will they reach out to the best candidates? And how will you ensure that you find and develop the next Ryan?

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As illustrated in posts #1 and #2 of this series, SAP SuccessFactors has all the answers. The comprehensive package of modular solutions optimizes all processes related to HR. It increases your chances not only of finding the brightest talent, but of turning him or her into something even greater. And with NTT DATA Business Solutions by your side before, during, and after implementation, you needn’t worry about the technical aspects.


SAP SuccessFactors has been named a market leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites for three consecutive years.

For a concise overview of how SAP SuccessFactors helped shape Ryan’s successful career, take a look at this NTT DATA Business Solutions infographic.

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