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NTT DATA Business Solutions | februari 23, 2017

NTT DATA Business Solutions Insights: Finance Technology Survey 2017

Use the itelligence insights finance technology survey to benchmark your finance digital transformation

Are you falling behind your competitors and industry peers in the digital transformation for finance professionals? NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you discover where you are in the finance digital transformation with our 2017 finance technology survey: NTT DATA Business Solutions insights. If you have ever wondered if your competitors or industry peers have difficulty keeping up with technology trends in financial reporting, you can use this survey as a benchmark to see where your organization stands.

Take the survey here and find out where you stand!


Some of the challenges we’ve seen that organizations face in the race to digitally transform their finance department include:

  • Lack a systematic approach to improving forecast accuracy
  • Multiple ERP systems used for financial reporting, which causes problems with data consistency
  • Lack ways to improve financial reporting capabilities for better discussion and decision making at the C suite level
  • Difficulty keeping up to date with technology trends in financial reporting
  • Lack timely visibility into data for forecasting and decision making
  • Need to reduce manual efforts and increase automation in financial planning and consolidation processes
  • Time consuming and outdated financial reporting processes
  • Manual and lengthy financial close cycles

Every quarter, we will survey a new global audience, including executive IT, executive finance, IT professionals who support the finance function and finance professionals.  This will help us gain valuable insights on where the digital transformation in finance is currently and where it is heading. We’ll keep a finger on the pulse and keep you informed. By taking the survey, you’ll receive an advance copy of the quarterly executive brief with the results, keeping you updated on the latest trends and where you compare.

The Finance Technology Survey

To get a feel for what insights you will gain, a few of our survey questions include:

  • What are the three biggest financial risks to your organization in the next year?
  • What barriers are keeping your finance department from using real-time data in reporting and forecasting?
  • Please rank the top three areas of your organization that need to be digitally transformed in the next one to three years?
  • What are the biggest factors impacting the speed of your close cycle?

What makes our survey unique? We are in 24 countries globally and have a unique understanding of the digital transformation happening in finance technology currently. We’ll dive deep into not just what’s happening, but why and how. You can use this data as a benchmark of where you are and help you build a business case for implementing and upgrading your finance technology solutions and roadmap for success. Are you an innovator, or a technology laggard? You won’t know until you complete the survey. So go ahead and take this journey with us! Take the first survey to find out where you stand!

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