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Application Fit Analysis

Let us help you assess whether the SAP solution you are interested in fits into your system landscape and most importantly if it ticks all the boxes in terms of your requirements and vision for the future.


If you are not sure whether a SAP solution is the right fit for you and your organization you have come to the right place – we can help you evaluate whether the solution you are interested in would be a good fit or not. When doing an Application Fit Analysis it is important to look at two essential factors: 1) What are you doing today (minimum requirements) and 2) what would you like to be able to do in the future (value adding requirements). This is to ensure that your future solution can do at least as much as your current solution as well as add value on top of it. If there is no additional value to be added, there most likely is no business case for change.

Why us?

We have many years of experience in delivering SAP solutions to a wide variety of businesses and we are familiar with both the strengths and shortcomings of those solutions. When working with you, we will have your best interest in mind, which means that we will take an objective and honest look at whether a specific SAP solution fits into your organization or not.

*Please note: Our services are not limited to the ones listed here – these are merely examples of what we have to offer.

Application Fit Analysis

We will review your AS-IS and TO-BE requirements and based on those evaluate if the specific SAP solution can support your business. The output will be a document on the application fit and/or a proof of concept, where you can try out the solution yourself and determine whether it will be able to power your business in the way you see fit.


Michael Vraa-Jensen

Michael Vraa-Jensen

Director, CX LoB

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