• A robust application based on the SAP ERP system, FIORI, and UI5 for Suppliers
  • Facilitates fast access to relevant information by the suppliers
  • Enables suppliers to carry out certain transactions from the portal which reflects back in the SAP ERP system of the customers
  • Can implement in on- premise as well as in HCP platforms

Inventory Planning

  • includes reports, which gives the suppliers information about the short term and long term requirement of particular goods. The long term requirement is summarized on monthly basis. This helps the supplier to plan his production and / or procurement of certain products based on the predictable requirements. This in turn reduces the need to maintain un-necessary inventory and hence can reduce the inventory cost.

Order Dash Board

  • Provides the vendor information about specific Purchase Orders that is supposed to supply at different stages of processing
  • Captures new purchase order which is assigned to the vendor, as soon as it is created
  • Displays the Purchase Orders which are already confirmed, Goods Receipted orders and orders for which Goods Return process is initiated by customers
  • Certain functions such as PO confirmation and PO list down load in specific format can be done from the dash board
  • Shows certain graphic display as Monthly Business volume and Invoice Due
    Date analysis, which keep the vendor informed about the real time business data

 Mass Processing Apps

Provides mass processing apps like Mass PO Confirmation and Mass PO Download

Supplier Dispatch App

  • Create Advanced Shipping Notifications referring to multiple POs
  • The ASN created from the portal captures the shipping related information pertaining to the supply of goods, which is reflected back in customer SAP system
  • The Batch Creation app can create supplier batches for batch managed materials

 Supplier Quality Assurance apps

  • Facilitates the QA person at supplier end or Third Party Quality Inspectors to create Inspection Lots
  • Facility to attach documents/ pictures of varied formats
  • Quality Notification app allows supplier to respond to any quality notifications created from customer. The data recorded from the app are reflected back in customer SAP system.

Supplier Finance Apps

  • Lists POs / Invoices pertaining to the vendor. For example POs for which invoices are yet to be posted and Invoices which are yet to be paid can be viewed for a particular period

Invoice Parking App

  • The supplier can park invoice referring to a PO using this app
  • The parked invoice can be posted later. This reduces the work load of Invoicing at customer end significantly as majority of data entry can be done at supplier end using the app.

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