SAP Security Check

Find out more about the security of your systems and fix potential security vulnerabilities.


How secure are your SAP systems? We evaluate your systems to uncover potential security vulnerabilities. This reduces your security risks and the associated costs. You prevent unauthorized access to data and avoid system failures – so you can gain the long-term trust of your employees and customers.

We perform an SAP security analysis on your SAP solutions based on ABAP, Java, mobile, and your SAP Fiori apps. Subsequently, we give you recommendations to optimize your SAP system and database security parameters, as well as network, front-end, and back-end security. This security analysis typically takes just two days.

Your Benefits

  • Ensured business continuity, stability, and system performance, as well as improved trust and reputation among your business partners. Protect your SAP systems from hackers both outside and within your organization.
  • Reduce security risks and the associated costs resulting from SAP security vulnerabilities. Prevent unauthorized access to data, avoid system failures, maintain trust, and protect your reputation.
  • Use our security expertise and vast industry experience to gain an objective evaluation of your SAP security, including regular updates and recommendations concerning the latest security issues.
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