Scope and Deliverables

Deployment of the Performance & Goals, Compensation modules in SuccessFactors, with scope covering:

  • Employee Profile with twelve Background sections & Org Chart
  • Goal Management with four Goal Plan Templates
  • Performance Management with four Performance Review Templates and four Performance Review Route Maps
  • 360 Degree Review with four 360 Degree Review Templates and two 360 Degree Review Route Maps
  • Calibration with four different views
  • Rating Scales with three pre-configured scales
  • SuccessFactors Libraries more than 500 Goals and 80 Competencies
  • Role Based Permissions with five Roles and three Permissions Groups
  • Reporting with standard reports, dashboards 2.0 and Ad hoc reporting
  • Compensation Form pre-configured templates (including combination of salary, bonus and stock tabs) and one pre-configured associated workflow
  • Multi-currency support Plans configured to include users for whom the planner has planning responsibility
  • Personal Compensation Statement pre-configured template


  • Improve HR and line management performance
  • Drive employee engagement and accountability
  • Identify better development paths
  • Performance Management - Helps employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching
  • Align compensation programs with business objectives
  • Motivate employees to perform at their best
  • Optimize your budget and maintain compliance
  • Create a high performance culture and increased retention of top performers
  • Mobile touch base: anywhere, any time
  • Reduce risk and save HR time

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