Scope and Deliverables

Deployment of the Performance/Goals & Recruitment modules in SuccessFactors, with scope covering:

  • Employee Profile with twelve Background sections, Org Chart
  • Goal Management with four Goal Plan Templates
  • Performance Management with four Performance Review Templates and four Performance Review Route Maps
  • 360 Degree Review with four 360 Degree Review Templates and two 360 Degree Review Route Maps
  • Calibration with four different views
  • Rating Scales with three preconfigured scales
  • SuccessFactors Libraries more than 500 Goals and 80 Competencies
  • Role Based Permissions with five Roles and three Permissions Groups
  • Reporting with standard reports, dashboards 2.0 and Adhoc reporting
  • Job Requisition Management with one Template, six Participants Roles, five Approval Workflows
  • Pre-Screening Question Library with thirty pre-configured Questions
  • Career Sites with one version for internal site and one external site
  • Candidate Profile with eleven sections
  • Application Management with one Application Template and Candidate Status Pipeline with eighteen status and ten sub-status
  • Interview Central with three rating scales
  • Job Profile Builder



  • Aligning individual employee's day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives
  • Setting and communicating clear performance expectations Recognizing and rewarding top performers
  • Evaluating performance and elivering incentives in a fair and consistent manner
  • Give recruiters instant access to pick-and-post global job distribution and sourcing analytics
  • Streamline and simplify the hiring process (Job requisitions to offer letter generation and offer acceptance)
  • A complete, simple process to manage and hire best talent faster and easier

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