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Digital Transformation is not a discussion of choice but a question of survivor. According the Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of species that survive, not the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change”.

Digital transformation means different things to different organisation as per Wiki definition “Digital Transformation (Dx) is the changes associated with the application of digital technologies in every aspect of human society”

As per me digital transformation for organisation is simply create an organisation which can “Respond intelligently and proactively to change- using digital technology”

Here are some actionable insights for you to adopt in your companies and organisation to embark on the journey of digital transformation.

The below model is call it as organic/inorganic digital transformation framework


Organic digital transformation:

Those initiatives which can be immediately taken up where we are aware of the requirements and the problem statements also we have a perspective on the possible solutions to solve the problem.

For example: Problem: “How can I help my sales team to have real time information of the stock and customer 360 degree information in real time on mobile?

Solution: We can implement SAP hybris sales and service with integration with SAP S/4 HANA enabled Warehouse

Inorganic digital transformation:

We operate in a very volatile and ever changing business ecosystem with varieties of factor internal and external to our organisation which forces us to change.

Today’s connected world there are various change agents which are forcing us to respond.

  • Process owners- How can we do more from less?
  • Employee- How can I connect better with organization?
  • Management- How can I be proactive for markets?
  • Product owner- How do I differentiate?
  • Supplier- How can I optimize the supply chain?
  • Customer- How can I easily transact? Can I have a consumer grade (what’s app/Facebook like) interface?
  • Technology- with the advent of the network and new technology there is a huge options available for low cost high impact technologies
  • Competitor – Are we in a catch-up game or one up game?
  • Government-How can I meet the changing compliance requirements and tax changes?
  • Market- There is no more local market, each market is global market.

With so- many variables and change drivers it is difficult to neglect the impact, that’s where the inorganic digital transformation begins. We are not aware of the problems and of course no perspective for solutions.

NTT DATA Business Solutions and SAP recommends design led digital transformation process with solutions on SAP Leonardo to find the solution and also problems.

SAP Leonardo is our digital innovation system. We combine new technologies, focused around leveraging data to simplify business processes, with Design Thinking as part of our Design Services offerings, which is an approach that puts the end user at the centre of solving this business problem.

NTT DATA Business Solutions can help with all the SAP software and services requirements. Please connect us on [email protected] for more information

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