Tips for Choosing the Right SAP Support and Maintenance Provider

When it comes to choose an ERP software, the choice will always be SAP. However, simply connecting with SAP is not enough. A constant source of support and maintenance is required to run an SAP process successfully and to its fullest benefits. If you choose the right SAP support, it can lead to reduced operational costs and also save a huge amount of time from the various business operation processes.
Hence, in order to choose the right SAP support and maintenance provider, follow the tips mentioned below:

Understanding the organization requirement

The primary factor which will influence the choice of SAP support is the requirement of the organization. Not all industries run in the same manner and thus not all of their needs are the same. The same goes for SAP support providers as well. Some provide support with integration, while others provide support with enhancements, upgradations, etc.


While these support and maintenance providers specialize in various fields, it does not mean that it is the only area they provide support in. Most of the SAP support providing groups deliver wholesome industry-specific support, out of which anyone area is their expertise. So while choosing an SAP support provider, it is important to see how flexible they are at providing solutions for areas which are not within their expertise. The level of service will also vary depending on the size of the business. An SAP service and maintenance provider should be able to provide their services for big and small businesses alike.

Guarantee of service

When it comes to SAP solutions, nothing is vague and every last piece of processed data is made crystal clear. So when an SAP service is selected, the guarantees they provide regarding their service level agreement is usually in hard numbers as well. If an SAP service provider has their service guarantee in vague terms it is to be understood that they are not the right choice for your business needs.


The SAP center of expertise always ensures that they provide the best SAP service and maintenance providers with their accreditations so that the customers know who is the best service provider to go to. The PCOE has very strict levels of requirements to be accredited and if you are partnering with one of their accredited service providers, chances are that you will be served an all-round maintenance provision with zero hassles.

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