Employee Profile & Goal/Performance Management

Performance/Goals, LMS modules in SuccessFactors


Scope & Deliverables

Deployment of the Performance/Goals, LMS modules in
SuccessFactors, with scope covering:

  • Employee Profile & Goal/Performance Management
  • Employee Profile with twelve Background sections & Org Chart
  • Goal Management with four Goal Plan Templates
  • Performance Management with four Performance Review Templates and four Performance Review Route Maps
  • Rating Scales with three pre-configured scales
  • SuccessFactors Libraries with more than 500 Goals and 80 Competencies
  • GUI Driven Calibration drag and drop to calibrate employees; visual comparison of employees
  • Calibration Dashboards
  • Learning Management System Develop, deploy, and manage a comprehensive learning program House learning activities in a single location to reduce costs and create greater visibility
  • Create courses and curricula your web-based content will support performance goals, career and succession plans, organizational development, and compliance objectives
  • Track the progress of your employees Deploy a learning strategy that includes exams, assessments, and certifications
  • Gain insight through analytics with comprehensive metrics, you can measure the effectiveness and value of your training and then make better decisions based on those metrics
  • Offer course recommendations and ratings help you identify which courses will help employees in their development plans; show course ratings to encourage feedback and improve course offerings
  • Ensure regulatory compliance Companies in highly regulated industries can utilize validated, SaaS for LMS option in order to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Blend formal and social for greater ROI Accelerate performance and increase learning retention by seamlessly using SAP JAM as part of learning processes


  • Cloud-based business execution
  • Provides with business strategy alignment, maximum people performance, and team execution
  • Processes efficiency and transactional cost savings
  • Improves productivity and engage, retain, and even motivate employees
  • Reduce organizational risk, Ensure talent continuity, Leverage workforce insights, Increase employee engagement
  • Deliver a Comprehensive Blended Learning Strategy That’s Right for You and Your Objectives, Automate and Assure Compliance Training
  • Track the progress of your employees: deploy a learning strategy that includes exams, assessments and certification

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