Scope & Deliverables

Deployment of the PM/GM, LMS, Analytics, Integration modules in SuccessFactors, with scope covering:

  • Employee Profile with twelve Background sections & Org Chart
  • Goal Management with four Goal Plan Templates
  • Performance Management with four Performance Review Templates and four Performance Review Route Maps
  • 360 Degree Review with four 3600 Review Templates and two 360 Degree Review Route Maps Calibration with four different views
  • Rating Scales with three pre-configured scales
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards Develop, deploy, and manage a comprehensive learning program House learning activities in a single location to reduce costs and create greater visibility
  • Create courses and curricula your web-based content will support performance goals, career and succession plans, organizational development, and compliance objectives
  • Track the progress of your employees Deploy a learning strategy that includes exams, assessments, and certifications
  • Gain insight with analytics with comprehensive metrics, you can measure the effectiveness and value of your training and then make better decisions based on those metrics
  • Offer course recommendations and ratings Helps you identify which courses will help employees in their development plans; show course ratings to encourage feedback and improve course offerings
  • Ensure regulatory compliance Companies in highly regulated industries can utilize validated SaaS for LMS option in order to ensure regulatory compliance

Hybrid Solutions from SAP Success Factors and other on-premise/cloud applications

Integrate easily and effectively in a Secure and Flexible environment Seamlessly connect all of your third-party technology partners and vendors to gain additional benefits and ensure automated data exchange across multiple systems Faster implementation using pre-packaged integration content


  • Align your talent to business goals
  • Improve HR and line management performance
  • Drive employee engagement and accountability
  • Identify better development paths
  • Continuous Performance Management - Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback
  • Deliver a Comprehensive Blended Learning Strategy That’s Right for You and Your Objectives
  • Automate and Assure Compliance Training
  • Track the progress of your employees Deploy a learning strategy that includes exams, assessments and certification Gain a unified view of all business data and eliminate data entry
  • Powerful analytics Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights
  • Social collaboration Optimize workforce productivity and accelerate innovation
  • Mobile touch base anywhere, any time Reduce risk and save HR time

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