Tailoring Customer Journeys Around the Globe with the hybris Commerce Suite

At its core, shopping is an interactive experience. Local stores know the habits and preferences of their regulars. In many countries, haggling is a central part of the process. But with the advent of the Internet, this face-to-face contact has slowly ebbed away. The customer base in both the B2C and B2B worlds has become more fragmented, increasingly anonymous, and harder to impress – but also more international, demanding, and – above all – empowered.

In order for businesses to be leaders in their market segments, getting back that personal connection with each client is vital. With an omni-channel platform like hybris, both B2C and B2B companies can make sure they meet the needs and wants of every single customer in any setting – to do business like locals.

Adapt context for every channel and market
Customer expectations vary around the globe, with B2B buyers in different countries placing varying levels of importance on different channels and aspects of the buying process. The sales channels a company offers may be standard in their domestic market, but not necessarily for its clients in, say, Brazil. Their customers still buy plenty, but maybe not in the volume or frequency they would if the service were tailored to match their business style, on the channels of their choice.

A study by Forrester   exploring global B2B buying habits revealed the importance of knowing your client base. The visibility of technical product specs may be a top priority for Chinese buyers, while Australian buyers value visibility of online pricing information above all else. Payment methods are some of the most varied between countries, and so are the top reasons for making repeat purchases from a supplier. The more international a business is and the greater its variety of products, the more varied its clients’ needs will be – and its customers’ journeys will become more and more individual and complex. The major future challenge for any company will be to deliver satisfying customer experiences at every touchpoint of every unique customer journey.

hybris gives customers personalization, choices, and convenience
How can a business make every single one of its customers feel spoken to? They want a choice: of how and where and when to buy, each with equally high levels of service and convenience. With hybris omni-channel commerce solutions, it’s easy to meet their individual needs.
Create a seamless shopping experience across all digital and physical customer buying journeys and touchpoints – including online shop, mobile, point-of-sale, and call center. A single view of customers, orders, stock and products enables product recommendations and catalog content tailored to each client – in their language and currency.

hybris has the most functions of any commerce platform on the market, supporting product, service, process, and price variations for each market via a reliable, central database. Localized catalogs, content, and branding enable businesses to adapt to the purchasing practices of their clients in any setting. The solution also helps create efficient workflows for collaboration with internal creative teams or agency partners. Simply put, hybris ensures companies are easy to buy from, no matter where in the world they or their customers are.

An experienced implementation partner can guide the way
An experienced IT consultancy ensures new software is configured to best meet the needs of both company and customer, while also making sure it’s seamlessly integrated into the existing IT landscape. NTT DATA Business Solutions is a global, certified hybris partner dedicated to SMEs. E-commerce expert teams work closely with each client to ensure a smooth transition from multi-channel to hybris omni-channel – in every market.

Learn more here about how hybris and NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you create a system that fits and adapts to all your customers’ needs and expectations.


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