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How do I achieve flexible & scalable IT infrastructure?

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Cloud solutions enable modern processes

Digitalization has brought a rapid development of software lifecycles with it. To be flexible and adapt to changes and new innovations easy and fast, traditional IT models are no longer sufficient.

Companies are leaning on cloud software more and more as it allows them to experiment and reduce the duration of application deployment. Easy implementation and interfaces make new software run in no time.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, companies that could be identified as Cloud Leaders were leading the race in innovation. Most „Leaders“ launched new products (72%) and expanded into new market segments (62%).

Integration without delays

Especially the integration of new functionalities needs to be faster to make sure that daily workflows don’t get hold up by implementation processes.

The time of clunky big software applications is waning and companies can now more than ever select from a wide catalogue of optional functionalities and solutions. Furthermore, they can easily add and remove cloud applications without complicated reinstallation.

The TechInsights Report „Cloud Succeeds. Now What?“ features survey results by experts from 542 organizations in the US and Europe who use cloud solutions. More than 40% of all organizations completed software deployments on time and more than 45% completed deployments even faster than expected.

Modern ERP will transform your company

But not just software, also companies change faster than ever. To manage new mergers and acquisitions even beyond geographical limits, infrastructure needs to be able to manage new or combined systems and do so without lengthy adaption cycles. Data needs to be centralized and be made available to new users whilst making no compromises on security.

Our whitepaper helps you drive innovation by implementing cloud solutions – no matter whether you’re a small, medium or international company.

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Especially ERP has the potential to grow through the use of a cloud based ERP system, giving a changing, growing company enough room to adjust to new logistics, employees, ideas and goals. Whether it’s a two-tier system or an individually developed system, ERP profits from cloud based software given the flexibility, scalability and mobility it provides.

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In the next blogpost we will explore how Cloud can answer the questions to the challenge – “when providing software services I will also need to guarantee security and compliance standards. How can I protect our data in the cloud?”

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