Cloud ERP Solutions with SAP Business ByDesign

Cloud ERP solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent as a new paradigm in enterprise IT. However, before companies choose a cloud ERP solution, they must answer some fundamental questions:

  • Do cloud ERP solutions really suit our business model?
  • Do they create genuine long-terms strategic and economic advantages for us?
  • Do cloud ERP solutions suit our IT environment and our enterprise processes?
  • Can we use them rapidly and efficiently?

Advantages of moving to a Cloud ERP solution

Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions can help organisations fuel growth and streamline all of your business processes. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Improved Cash Flow – Replace substantial hardware and set-up costs with a simple, subscription-based pricing model.
  • Lower Operation Costs – Cloud ERP solutions can reduce operating costs by 70%.
  • A Rapid Start – Thanks to intuitive interfaces, your users can start straight away.
  • Automatic Updates – The cloud ERP solution provider takes care of updates, saving you time and ensuring you always have the latest software version and security protection.
  • Greater Flexibility – You can quickly and easily scale your capacity up or down as your business grows or demand fluctuates. You only pay for the services you need.
  • Simple Integration – With a single provider, the cloud ERP solution will enable seamless business processes, creating a homogeneous IT.

Cloud ERP solutions can offer new opportunites. Organisations can save investment capital and support their system on-demand. Tailored business structures to promote growth, even internationally, can be established quickly, especially for new affiliates and subsidiaries.

Cloud ERP Solutions and SAP Business ByDesign

With SAP Business ByDesign, you get a cloud ERP solution that supports end-to-end processes for running your entire business via a single application, anytime and anywhere. It’s affordable and quick to deploy – and delivered on demand for a low, predictable monthly subscription fee. The cloud ERP solution includes complete functionality for financial, human resources, marketing, sales, service, supply chain, procurement and project management processes. Unlike disconnected systems, it links all of your company’s business processes in a single application. And a common data repository provides complete, real-time visibility across your business.

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