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Blue Buffalo

Why we’ve chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:
  • Scalable solution proprietary to NTT DATA Business Solutions
  • Competitive solution pricing
  • Right-sized for our organization
  • Shorter time to implement than other MDG solutions
  • Dependable Solution Provider
it.mds has provided us the ability to remain headcount neutral despite the increase in demands on our data maintenance resources. In general, it.mds provides us with the following benefits: turnover protection/loss of knowledge, increased Data Quality and Data Confidence, increased process control and data oversight, and ultimately a more simple data model.

John Jones, Director of Data Governance, Blue Buffalo Company

1,900                       $1Billion
Employees               Revenue

Founded in 2002, Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. has quickly grown to more than $1 billion in revenue from its Wilton, Connecticut headquarters. As the #1-selling natural pet food in America, Blue Buffalo has experienced extreme growth, both from revenue and geographical perspectives, and has maintained very lean IT and SAP support teams.

Wyzwania i korzyści


  • Undefined rules and processes left Master Data vulnerable to employee turnover
  • Limited internal IT and SAP resources were preoccupied with data management, leaving minimal time for strategic initiatives
  • Tribal knowledge and spreadsheets guided master data creation and management
  • Existing data and processes required significant preparation prior to solution implementation


  • Increased data quality, accuracy and confidence with cleaner reporting and greater process control and oversight
  • Sped up time to value and freed up time and resources for more strategic actions
  • Improved governance and compliance and provided SAP data oversight
  • Supported organizational memory and protected against employee turnover and attrition


  • it.mds (Master Data Simplified)
Blue Buffalo Success Story_FINAL
Blue Buffalo, Ltd., Wilton, Connecticut

Blue Buffalo Adapts to Rapid Growth On A
Leash with it.mds

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About the Project

Like many fast-growing companies, Blue Buffalo and its team previously built processes based on tribal knowledge and used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to manage their master data creation, change and management processes. Without formalized processes or governance, the resulting data was confusing,
inaccurate and entailed centralized maintenance.

Blue Buffalo had an existing SAP landscape and surveyed several SAP tools before selecting NTT DATA Business Solutions’ it.mds (Master Data Simplified) solution. As a proprietary NTT DATA Business Solutions IP solution, it.mds simplifies a series of internal working processes by managing, consolidating and harmonizing all master data in a single, central integrated solution. Blue Buffalo chose the solution to organize data, reduce errors and provide a clearer governance process for maintaining its SAP master data.

Before implementing it.mds, the NTT DATA Business Solutions team supported Blue Buffalo through preparations and helped users get up to speed on the solution, capabilities such as data cleansing, and defined ownership across processes. With the Blue Buffalo team primed for the new solution, the NTT DATA Business Solutions team embarked on a three phase approach designed to increase return on Blue Buffalo’s investment. Starting in April 2016, the project began with a Vendor Management segment, followed directly by ten weeks spent on Customer Management and closing with a Material Master portion.

The it.mds solution quickly showed tangible results, decreasing the amount of time required to create vendors and customers within the company’s master data. The limited input parameters ensure the data is correct and provide new confidence, while also reducing time spent on data entry. The it.mds
governance framework (SAP workflow) allows the Blue Buffalo team to focus on missing and incomplete data, calling attention to resource bottlenecks and supporting faster time to value.


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