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Learn about a comprehensive solution that allows you to prepare and send invoices from SAP to the National System of e-Inovices.


The it.KSeF and the National System of e-Inovices

From 1st January 2022, businesses can voluntarily use the National System of e-Invoices (in Polish: “Krajowy System e-Faktur”, KSeF) and issue invoices in structured form. Sending e-invoices to KSeF is expected to be mandatory from 2024.

Key dates:

amendment to the Act on VAT
voluntary sending of e-invoices to KSeF
mandatory sending of e-invoices to KSeF

The new form of electronic invoice requires taxpayers to report many additional elements beyond the standard invoice document. In the case of businesses using SAP, the aforementioned regulations lead to the need for integration and adjustment of financial and accounting processes, to the technical and process requirements of the Ministry of Finance, and in some cases, to technical changes in selected SAP modules. Due to the new regulations, NTT DATA Business Solutions experts have developed a comprehensive solution that allows you to fully adapt your system to the upcoming changes.

Why is it important to prepare for change now?

Time to comply with the new regulations

The introduction of the obligation to issue structured invoices to KSeF brings with it many changes relating to processes, organization and systems. To prepare your organization to implement the right solutions and to identify in advance potential impediments that will affect the length of your project, it’s a good idea to start now.

Need to make changes to SAP

The introduction of new regulations forces businesses to validate existing processes in SAP, and in many cases to make changes in selected modules.

Ability to test tools and processes

Before sending e-invoices becomes mandatory, businesses should take the opportunity to test the KSeF system and its integration with internal applications. This will allow you to develop optimal solutions that are also responsive to the new regulations.

Faster VAT and other benefits

The implementation of e-invoicing is associated with potential benefits for taxpayers, including: VAT refund shortened from 60 to 40 days, improved cash flow and faster circulation of documents, easier and continuous access to e-invoices 24/7, and no need for archiving or error correction thanks to a single fixed invoice template.

Integrating SAP and KSeF – learn more about the solution details

The it.KSeF is a comprehensive solution developed by a team of architects and consultants from NTT DATA Business Solutions, which prepares the SAP system to support the new invoicing process. Implementation of the tool enables efficient preparation and sending of e-invoices to the National System of e-Inovices:

One tool to handle the entire process

The it.KSeF solution allows you to create invoices in a new, structured format within the SAP system. The solution is also responsible for automated sending of e-invoices to the KSeF. With the tool, you save time and reduce the risk of errors associated with the manual generation and transmission of invoices to the Ministry of Finance. Our solution is fully integrated with the SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP systems.

Seamless integration with the KSeF platform

The it.KSeF communicates automatically with the KSeF platform and downloads statuses directly into the SAP system, which harmonizes and synchronizes the entire process. In this way you gain full control over incoming and outgoing electronic documents, and you are sure that the integrity of data has not been compromised and its structure has not been transformed in any way.

All information in one system

All information, statuses and logs that are required in the process of delivering invoices to the Ministry of Finance system are stored within a single solution. The it.KSeF tool is a central point for managing the entire process, and also enables direct preview of the prepared documents – e-invoices, IDOC and .xml file.

Ability to preview invoices before sending

The it.KSeF solution provides the ability to generate a transparent report that allows you to verify invoices before they are sent to the KSeF.

Handling of purchase invoices

The it.KSeF solution makes it possible to handle purchase invoices from suppliers who send them to the KSeF platform. When documents are retrieved, invoices are automatically uploaded to the SAP system, reducing bureaucracy and eliminating the risk of lost documents.

Compliance with legal requirements

As part of the it.KSeF solution we provide Maintenance – a solution maintenance service provided for original products from NTT DATA Business Solutions. As a part of the Maintenance Service, we ensure compliance of the solution with current legal regulations and technical updates of the tool as new versions of the product are released.

What does the integration of it.KSeF solution with KSeF look like?

Modern interface and flexibility

Modern interface and flexibility

The it.KSeF solution has an easy-to-use interface that does not require advanced training, only basic knowledge of the SAP system. Users can also customize the tool to meet individual needs and processes established within the organization.

Structured invoice in SAP?

Integration with National System of e-Invoices?
Find out how to adapt your system to the new regulations and learn about our solution – the it.KSeF, which comprehensively supports the new invoicing process.

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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

Experienced consultants and solution architects

As a SAP platinum partner, we specialize in the design, implementation and development of solutions dedicated to SAP systems. Our project team consists of experienced architects, consultants and Project Managers who combine SAP/IT competencies with tax and legal knowledge.

Maintenance – a maintenance service for local products

We ensure that the it.KSeF solution is adapted to current regulations and that the tool is updated in accordance with new technical requirements.

Training for employees concerning the solution

We provide training to key users on the functionality of the it.KSeF solution.

Trusted partner with a broad portfolio of SAP applications

We have over 180 successful implementations of our own localization products (it.jpk, it.split payment, it.NIP control with white list).

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