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Drive business outcomes and engage your customers more intelligently by leveraging the capabilities of SAP Marketing Cloud.

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Cloud marketing

Segment your customers into narrower groups than ever before with a detailed and automatically updated list of customer profiles. Replace mass marketing campaigns with highly personalized and automated campaigns customized for an audience as little as one person or triggered based on web behaviour. Analyze campaign performance in real time and track your marketing budgets and spend associated with your marketing activities. Drive business results by enabling your marketers to engage the right customers with the right content at the right time with SAP Marketing Cloud.


Key Features:

  • Segment customers with ease: With the help of machine learning, identify new customer segments to target with personalized campaigns.
  • Share data across departments: See real-time data from your sales and service teams and know your results sooner.
  • Analyze ROI: Find our which half of your budget is being wasted and optimize your spend on the go.


Please notice: For B2C scenarios, we highly recommend SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.



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