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“The Life of Ryan” #2: Encourage Development. Ensure Success.

 In the first installment of this three-part series on HR transformation, we met Ryan and saw him open a new chapter in his career. We witnessed how SAP SuccessFactors helped your company attract this bright young talent and made his transition smooth and successful. In part 2, we follow Ryan’s continued development. Could a change be in store for the promising sales professional? Read on to find out.

 A Promising Start

Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors solutions, you have not only hired the ideal recruit, but also given him a smooth transition into your organization. He is already a valued member of the sales team. And yet both you and Ryan recognize that he still has plenty more to give.

The Performance & Goals module allows you to accurately measure his performance and assess his strengths and weaknesses. With ongoing and tailored feedback, Ryan knows where he can improve and help your company achieve its goals.

360° feedback systems can create a ROI of up to 700%

Reward and Motivate

Taking your advice on board, Ryan is even able to exceed expectations. He smashes the junior sales record in his second month. As you aim to promote a fair, performance-driven culture within your enterprise, you decide to reward Ryan for his impressive efforts.

In conjunction with Performance & Goals, Compensation provides a precise view of your bonus budget and shows who has earned what. This way, Ryan’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. A clear personal development structure topped off with a healthy reward at the end of the month motivate him to keep giving his all.

More than 20 pre-built reports

Homegrown Talent

Ryan continues to impress his seniors. His leadership credentials and people skills have caught your eye. With Sally due to step down, you are in need of a new HR manager. But why recruit externally when you already have the right man for the job?

The SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development module allows you to analyze your existing talent and make more informed decisions. Ryan, who has always taken a keen interest in Sally’s work, is first to put himself forward as her potential replacement. The solution confirms that he has the skills and traits necessary to prove a worthy successor. A win-win situation!

Built-in competency library of around 100 items

Quick Learning

However, taking on a new role within an organization involves more than just switching desks. Ryan still has a lot to learn to effectively fill your outgoing HR manager’s shoes. And this is where Learning comes into play.

This comprehensive educational tool accelerates his development, quickly preparing him for his new position. Through a combination of formal, informal, social, and extended learning, Ryan remains switched on and focused on his targets. He will be ready to step up in no time.

17% more staff trained appropriately

Find out how Ryan gets on in his new role in the next installment of the series. Part 3 covers internal and external collaboration. It also highlights the solutions which could support your company’s decision making and help you prepare for the future.

Or for a succinct overview of Ryan’s career, take a look at this NTT DATA Business Solutions infographic.

NTT DATA Business Solutions
NTT DATA Business Solutions

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