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NTT DATA Business Solutions | september 23, 2020 | 3 min.

Qualtrics in new partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions


Bridging the gap between internal operational data and the experience with customers or employees is the key to a new partnership between Qualtrics and NTT DATA Business Solutions. 50 people from NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic are right now in training to help customers implement the Qualtrics suite for experience management.


Qualtrics in new partnership

The new Nordic partnership between NTT DATA Business Solutions and Qualtrics provides companies in the Nordic region a faster and safer way to implement experience management. The overarching idea is to connect all the operational management decisions to the actual experience being delivered to customers or employees.

Establishing a fast and efficient correspondence between the experience and the operations is extremely valuable, says Per Falck Jensen, Head of Sales Nordic Region, NTT DATA Business Solutions. We see a huge potential in this space. Most companies have a lot of data on materials, production and distribution and at the same time very little data about the perception, brand and experience. Getting this right will be crucial in the future.

Perfect match

Working together means that Qualtrics and NTT DATA Business Solutions will join forces in sales processes and implementation projects. 50 consultants from NTT DATA Business Solutions are right now in training to obtain certified knowledge about different aspects of the Qualtrics solution.

We are looking forward to the partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions. NTT DATA Business Solutions has a very good position as one of the largest SAP implementation partners in the Nordics. As a supplement to a track record of successful deployments from A to Z NTT DATA Business Solutions also works with business consulting, which is a perfect match for our strategy going forward, says Regional Director Nordic Henrik Cronenbäck from Qualtrics.

Take our own medicine

Qualtrics adds new data about the customer experience and integrates with existing data from different touch points. The solution leverages AI components and the modeling of data and integration is a very substantial part of implementing experience management.

We take our own medicine when it comes to experience management, says Per Falck Jensen. In NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic we will implement a Qualtrics solution to strengthen our own employee and customer relationships. Customers and employees should expect more questions and more curiosity from us as we focus on delivering first-class experiences.

Experience management is relevant to all companies. It will surpass a yearly customer survey by both speed, relevance and detail. Getting data about the experiences adds new possibilities for a company to react and adapt in every aspect of the delivery and sales process.