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Digital HR transformation with SAP SuccessFactors as its fuel


With a strong belief in the future and the goal of having their own digital landscape, Aurobay is embarking on a major transformation and have their 2,800 employees along with the journey. An important piece of the puzzle is the implementation of a global and user-friendly HR solution that can support the company’s People & Culture department. The solution that will be implemented is SAP SuccessFactors and NTT DATA Business Solutions has been chosen as partner in the project.

Supporting female leadership

Ambitious plans require a modern approach to solutions and flexible processes. That is something that Aurobay can sign off on. With digitization on top of their agenda, the company has many exciting things happening since its inception in 2021.

Aurobay is a global supplier of high-efficiency, low-emission hybrid engines. The company, which has a heritage from Volvo Cars and Geely, has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and two factories, one in Sweden and one in China.

As part of their digitization, and to support their People & Culture department, Aurobay entered a collaboration with NTT DATA Business Solutions in January 2023 to implement SAP SuccessFactors. The implementation is expected to be completed in October 2023.

With the employees in the driver’s seat

The company work culture and the people are essential at Aurobay, which has Caring, Collaborating and Creating Excellence as their values. Patric Lundgren, People & Culture Business Partner at Aurobay, emphasizes that all employees should be allowed to participate and influence who Aurobay is. Trust is also a recurring word when he talks about Aurobay’s HR to create an even stronger culture:

It is part of our culture to promote trust and transparency. We therefore want the employees themselves to be able to see their own data and we are working to create even more opportunities for ‘self-service’. In addition, it is important for us to give everyone the opportunity to come up with suggestions for improvement, now that we are on a bigger journey as a company.

He continues:

Our People and Culture department is small and therefore we also need a solution that can support us and facilitate our everyday life. We want good frameworks for more strategic HR and are, for example, experiencing that the analytics part of HR is becoming increasingly important. We want to know more about what attracts people to us and to be able to make more data-driven decisions.

A solid foundation for future HR

Having a global HR solution has been another reason for choosing to implement SAP SuccessFactors at Aurobay. Bjarne Sund, Digital Program Lead at Aurobay, explains more about the project:

The first step is for SuccessFactors to become the master for personal data. After that, there are additional strategic steps to take and then we must keep track of where all the data is and automate it. That is the long-term plan. Now the most important thing for us is quality master data for HR. We take the rest step by step. It is also important to mention that we care about the quality in all details and that we take responsibility for what is done. Among other things, we must be 100% sure that we comply with GDPR and do not compromise on security.

When asked why they chose NTT DATA Business Solutions (NTT DATA) as implementation partner, Bjarne answers:

At Aurobay, we mostly work in an Agile way, and it is exactly the agile way of working that NTT DATA Business Solutions are good at, working according to a ‘SAFe Agile’ method. In addition, NTT DATA is a certified SAP partner and has ready-made processes, which was something we wanted in a partner. Their ready2run® approach to HR transformations helps give us good foundation for the implementation.

Looking ahead, Aurobay envisions a future of sustainable and practical mobility where their technology in powertrains produces next-generation hybrid and emission-free engines. And here, both Patric and Bjarne agree, that in 5 years’ time, Aurobay will be an innovative multi-technology challenger.

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