hybris transforms the way you operate. But your customer’s journey is almost unpredictable.

Digitization is rapidly changing the face of every industry, and the traditional customer journey is changing along with it. Customers no longer need to follow predefined touchpoints. They are more independent and empowered, able to choose their own path towards a purchase using every channel imaginable. And they expect a convenient, consistent and personalized buying experience no matter where they start: in an online shop, in a brick-and-mortar store or through a mobile device.

Is your business ready to adapt?

As your trusted advisor, itelligence enables you to meet your customers around the world in ways that make them feel understood and at home.

A quick planning session will help us understand your needs; together we can decide who to involve, what to prepare, and what topics should be on the workshop’s agenda. We help you define the omni-channel approach that’s perfect for your company and your products. So that you can do business like a local.

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3.5 ×

Omni-channel buyers reportedly spend 3.5 times as much as other buyers.

(Oxford Economics Study: Creating the Customer Experience)

Win in every market with omni-channel commerce.

Mobile devices have changed the way people interact with the world around them. With instant access to tips and advice in the palm of their hand, they are empowered to explore new places on their own terms.

The B2C world has already adapted to this demanding global audience, positioning brands and products at every customer touchpoint. This strategy is equally effective for B2B. Remain ever-present and thrive in today’s landscape with strongly and seamlessly integrated channels in both the real and virtual worlds – and engage with your clients on a personal level.

B2B. As easy as B2C.

hybris is a truly customer-centric system that allows you to guide your clients to their destination.

With itelligence as your implementation partner, you can leverage this commerce platform to create a system that fits and adapts to all your customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Delight customers with intuitive front ends, state-of-the-art product management platforms, a built-in web content management system, and integrated online shops.
  • Deliver consistent, targeted and relevant experiences at every touchpoint, in real time.
  • Lower both the TCO and the cost of serving customers with increased productivity.
  • Respond and deliver quickly based on up-to-date inventory figures.
  • Support end-to-end business processes.
  • Stay well positioned for future growth in the omni-channel and digital ages.

The hybris difference

Unified view of product data, the customer and your business

Supports B2B and B2C omni-channel commerce

A single, agile, scalable technology stack that integrates with SAP ERP & the CEC portfolio

The most functions of any commerce platform on the market

Total flexibility and choice with on-premises and cloud deployment modules

hybris is the fastest-growing commerce platform in a $50B+ global market

Deploy a platform that makes customers feel at home.

In the changing world of digitized commerce, you must ensure that your company stays relevant. Today’s digitally savvy consumers continue to seek personal, local shopping experiences wherever they go. This means that excellent customer engagement starts with the right technology. It takes sophisticated software to guide customers from any market to the same destination through every conceivable channel and device. Clean, simple and intuitive interfaces are critical for fast and flexible interactions.

IT is the key to unique omni-channel experiences.

Your company wants an effortless omni-channel e-commerce platform that grows and adapts with the business. hybris is the perfect solution, and itelligence is the perfect partner. We will help you seamlessly integrate hybris with your existing systems.

  • The Java-based platform can be easily modified and customized.
  • Standardized frameworks enable you quickly connect hybris with your SAP products.
  • Web service integration with ERP solutions enables credit checks and integrated sales quotes.
  • Out-of-the-box implementation within 90 days.
  • Additional functions and tools can be added to the platform at any time.

71 %

of customers expect to be able to view stock availability online.

(Forrester Consulting: Customer Desires Vs. Retailer Capabilities:
Minding The OmniChannel Commerce Gap)

Engage and sell on a personal level. Everywhere.

Your customers have been doing their personal shopping online for years, and they now expect a similarly integrated experience in a B2B environment.

If you want to create repeat sales, you must give them the power to design their own buying journey. You have to carefully position yourself where your customers are, in every mobile, online or in-person channel. Simplicity, convenience, personalization, and flexibility become more important than ever.

It’s the little details that make the difference.

To stay ahead of the competition, a local touch is crucial – since clients want one-on-one service tailored to their unique needs and location.

The hybris omni-channel commerce platform’s powerful functions for advanced personalization and targeting enable you to create a truly unique shopping experience.

  • Flexible processes and multiple buyer and user roles help strengthen customer relationships.
  • Self-services plus optimized search and navigation simplify repeat and bulk purchases.
  • Customer data, product catalogues and purchase histories can be called up and managed instantly.
  • Collection of customer behavioral data enables tailored product recommendations.
  • Unlimited scalability and performance enable high-volume transactions.
  • Multiple languages, currencies, and tax calculations ease growth into new markets.
  • Web-to-print functionalities reduce costs and ensure consistent content and brand identity.

86 %

of marketing managers at omni-channel companies praise the advantages of this new approach.

(SAP-Survey – The Race for Omnichannel Excellence)
hybris supports more than 20 million SKUs and 6,000 transactions per second, worldwide.

Welcome the changing world of commerce with the right partner by your side.

Choosing the right technology and successfully implementing it isn't easy. But the right partner can help you make the most of all future opportunities.

itelligence is an innovative, trusted advisor in e-commerce. With a platform as flexible as hybris, and a partner as experienced as itelligence by your side, your company can efficiently switch from multi-channel to omni-channel – the framework for customer journeys of the future.

We understand your needs as well as you understand your customers’. Become their personal guide: they define their own journey, but you’re always there to support them with the right information, offers and advice. With hybris in your backpack, itelligence helps you navigate and engage in every commerce landscape. Like a local.

The itelligence difference

E-commerce expert teams partner closely with you to ensure smooth hybris implementation – and maximum business value at lowest TCO.

A certified hybris partner dedicated to SMEs. From operations, supply chain and financials to customer engagement, we understand the needs of your small or medium-sized business.

Over 25 years of experience in implementing SAP ERP solutions for more than 5,000 international customers. We combine excellent industry, IT and process knowledge.

Locations in 23 countries, a wide network of additional expert partners, and our partnership with NTT DATA Group all expand our delivery capacity to a worldwide level.