Sustainable Product Innovation with SAP S/4HANA

Bring novel products to the market, increase brand equity

Leverage SAP S/4HANA for sustainable automotive product innovation

Bring novel products to the market, increase brand equity, and scale new heights in the Indian landscape with SAP S/4HANA.

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Are you facing these challenges in product innovation with your current ERP?

  • Inefficient management Inefficient management of collaborative ventures with engineering can compromise success leading to high downstream costs.
  • Loss of information With disparate systems, information can be lost along the process leading to challenges in logistics & operations and delay in manufacturing & services.
  • Complex UIs As a result of complicated navigation nd UIs, information transfer is delayed leading to unsuccessful initiatives.
  • Limited analytic capability Analysis to identify reasons and/or reduce unsuccessful vehicle and product initiative is limited without any actionable data or insight. This further reduces the rate of meeting evolving customer demands.

How an intelligent ERP - SAP S/4HANA - makes a difference

Actionable Insights

Accelerated product development with real-time data and enhanced context-sensitive analytics reduces time to market. Real-time data allows product development based on requirements.

Improved margins

With efficient planning and production, executing engineering changes on vehicles with full knowledge of downstream costs increases profit margin.

Enhanced efficiency

With a concerted system working in harmony, productivity is higher leading to increased revenue from new products.

Reduced total cost of manufacturing

With innovations and development based on real-time demands, there is less manual rework. This enhances the ability to meet deadlines easily, reducing engineering cost.

Optimized configuration

A simplified, intuitive, and easy-to-personalize user interface and enhanced analytics capabilities allow for a smoother UX. With a simulation environment available, there is efficient user experience leading to less manual rework and increased productivity.

Global tyre manufacturer- Yokohama- transforms business with NTT DATA Business Solutions

With a broad product spectrum, YOKOHAMA Rubber Co., Ltd. is the sixth largest manufacturer in the worldwide tyre market. Their tyres are a class apart due to their excellent braking behaviour and accurate handling. YOKOHAMA Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese YOKOHAMA Rubber and coordinates the business in the European market with distributors and the original equipment business.

Their main challenge was the lack of integration thus leading to data deficit not allowing the comprehensive transfer of knowledge. Being an SAP Platinum partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions leveraged deep industry knowledge and implemented SAP offering the firm the processes, business scenarios and forms that are tailored precisely for the industry.

Client Testimonials

With NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have gained an experienced SAP consultant for the automotive industry, which also provides competent on-site assistance for roll-outs of our European subsidiaries with individual headquarters.

Christian Stanisch, Manager OE Logistics

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  • An integrated, powerful, and future-oriented ERP system
  • High coverage of functionality
  • Transfer of expertise through NTT DATA Business Solutions with an economic, efficient introduction methodology
  • Transparent, integrated, and optimized business processes
  • Investment security through proven and market leading SAP ERP software
  • Permanent availability of all relevant information

Some useful insights for the automotive industry

How digitally mature is your organization?

As the automotive industry is flooded with an increasingly competitive market, decision-makers need to rethink and reshape business models and processes within the organization. Let’s take your business further, together!


Mastering manufacturing challenges of today

With evolving consumer demands and technological developments growing alongside, it’s often a challenge to keep up. We tackle these one at a time in this eBook.


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