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Real business value can only be achieved through realising valuable business outcomes. Outcomes which are underpinned by sound data, relevant information and making the right decisions. The SAP Business Intelligence suite provides an integrated platform to connect, combine and transform data sources with the visual analytics you need to eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics and gain valuable insight. SAP Analytics solutions and embedded machine learning can also accelerate digital transformation and help you gain fast and accurate insights across your organisation.

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SAP Analytics Solutions

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform

SAP BusinessObjects is one of the most widely used and proven business intelligence technologies. The SAP BusinessObjects BI platform is a flexible, scalable information infrastructure that helps you easily discover, interpret and share insights for better business decisions. The integrated, unified infrastructure enables scalability from one to many SAP BI tools and interfaces on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid approach. With its flexible architecture, the SAP BI platform can also support your growth from a few users to tens of thousands of users, who can utilise a single tool to multiple BusinessObjects tools and interfaces.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Possibly the world’s most widely deployed end user ad-hoc query, analysis and reporting tool. SAP Web Intelligence gives you access to browser-based reporting and analysis as part of an integrated BI platform solution. Get quick business insights and understand trends and root causes with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. The Web-based ad hoc reporting and SAP analysis tools make it easy to uncover fast, decision-ready business intelligence from any data source, on any device.

Data Visualisation and Analysis

Leverage user-friendly self-service visualization tools to combine data from multiple sources, analyse trends, and tell stories that captivate audiences. Share business insights across the organisation with SAP analytics that are easy to understand and communicate.

  • SAP Lumira Discovery
  • SAP Lumira Designer

SAP Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics

For many, the mobile device has become the primary computing platform offering immediate access to critical business applications. After email and calendaring, Business Intelligence is one of the most widely requested mobile applications. With SAP BusinessObjects Mobile you can provide your team with secure access to critical business intelligence on iOS or Android devices. View, transform and share information from anywhere with the very latest SAP Analytics tools for faster and better-informed decisions.

Predictive SAP Analytics

By anticipating changes, you can make informed decisions, target customers with products and services, and reduce risk. What’s more, predictive SAP analytics works with your existing data environment, using predictive algorithms and machine learning to assess the likelihood of future outcomes and steer your business in the right direction.

SAP Predictive Analytics software brings predictive insight to business users, analysts, data scientists, and developers in your organisation;

  • Automation of data preparation, model building, deployment, scoring, and retraining
  • Support for predictive analysis and automated predictive libraries
  • Full connectivity to Big Data and third-party data sources
  • Native Apache Hadoop and Spark modeling
  • Link and network analysis
  • Export and embedding capabilities for models such as Structured Query Language, Java, SAS, and more

Enterprise Performance Management - Discover SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC)

Combine budgeting, strategic planning, financial monitoring and financial reporting processes within one, easy-to-use platform. SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC) helps finance departments to accelerate, standardise and control their core processes. In turn, these integrated, more efficient processes make it easier to adopt sophisticated strategic planning models, forecast more frequently and extend collaboration beyond the finance team.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is able to reduce risk, implementation time and cost with our project accelerator. enables the rapid implementation of SAP BPC to address core functionality around P&L, Cash Flow Forecasting, balance sheet reporting and planning along with additional modules available to address consolidation and disclosures, workforce planning, CAPEX and Revenues.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a next generation analytics solution that provides all analytics capabilities for all users in a single solution. Discover, visualize, plan, predict, and collaborate in the same context and drive fact-based decision making throughout your organisation. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud helps you overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos spread throughout the organisation with enterprise-wide access to analytics delivered through a public cloud experience that you can trust.

SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom transforms board meetings into an interactive experience. Benefiting from real-time analysis and predictions, executives have constant access to vital information that could make the difference against the competition.

Furthermore, it is also possible to simulate the effect of potential decisions. This means that decision-makers at your business always have the information they need to make the right choice. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, it helps you overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos spread throughout the organisation with enterprise-wide access to analytics delivered through a public cloud experience that you can trust.

SAP Analytics Hub

  • BI standardisation is still a dream for many organisations. Users are often unsure which BI or reporting solution they should use to answer their questions, with IT Teams struggling to provide unified access to multiple analytics solutions from multiple vendors.
  • The SAP Analytics Hub has been built to solve this precise challenge. SAP Analytics Hub provides a single portal where heterogeneous BI sources can be surfaced to simplify access to analytics scattered around the organisation whilst providing secure access to users without compromising agility.

Your Business Needs a Modern Data Platform

Business needs are changing rapidly – Digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media are creating a data-driven culture where the amount of information being produced is growing exponentially. Traditional data warehouses cannot handle this unprecedented volume, variety and velocity of information. The Modern Data Platform helps eliminate a number of challenges associated with traditional data warehousing and provides a flexible, agile and reliable data management platform.

Build a solid foundation with a data warehousing solution designed for real-time transactional and analytical processing environments. SAP BW/4HANA empowers businesses to connect historical data with live data to achieve in-the-moment analysis and decision making. If you have an SAP ERP landscape, then SAP BW/4HANA, the next generation of SAP Business Warehouse should be in your technology roadmap as an accompaniment to the Embedded Analytics within S/4HANA.

Data Hub

SAP Data Hub enables agile data operations across the enterprise with data sharing, pipelining and governance of all data in the connected landscape. SAP Data Hub is an open data architecture that works across Hadoop, data lakes, cloud object storage, relational databases, enterprise applications, and more.

Leeds Building Society - Driving Customer-Centricity with a Modern Data Platform

SAP Enterprise Information Management

SAP Data Services

Transform your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for gaining business insights, and use it to streamline processes and maximise efficiency. Get best-in-class functionality for data integration, quality, cleansing, and more with SAP Data Services software.

SAP Information Steward

Monitor, analyse and improve data integrity with SAP Information Steward. Combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimise processes and enhance data governance initiatives.

SAP PowerDesigner

Plan and manage complex business transformation initiatives with SAP PowerDesigner. With data modelling tools you can build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture and visualise the impact of change before it happens. Automatically capture architecture layers and requirements, tap into a powerful metadata repository, and share discoveries with your team.

An Insight into Our SAP Analytics Projects

White Paper : The Why, How and What of Modern Analytics and Data Management.

Something has changed in the world of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing. It is no longer acceptable to think that an organisation's full extent of insight can be gained purely from the data stored in core business systems.
White Paper
Something has changed in the world of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing. It is no longer acceptable to think that an organisation's full extent of insight can be gained purely from the data stored in core business systems.

The importance of actionable insight needs to be linked to the business ambitions. This paper covers the 3 important areas that will open your mind to the possibilities of modern analytics, and lead to true data-driven insight that is capable of solving many of the business challenges facing you today: 1. The “Why” (Your Goals and Objectives) 2. The “How” (Your approach to delivering analytics) 3. The “What” (The technology at your disposal)

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