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Employee Central, Performance and Goal

Employee Central
Deployment of the employee central, Performance/Goals with scope covering

  • Add New Employee/Re-hire Capture all basic employee information
  • Take Action like job change/Transfer/Pay rate charge Use of actions for changing the job and/or compensation
  • Manage Position create, update and deactivate positions online with appropriate controls, store and track position category, job description, related organizational entities, and current incumbent.
  • Leave and Absence Management Track absences, apply leaves with appropriate approvals.
  • Organizational Management Create the People/Position Based Org Structure
  • People Profile Employees and Manager Section
  • Badges Recognise Employees with Badges
  • Personlaised Home page Personlaize Homepage as per the company Branding
  • Job Profile Builder Build Job description including Skill and company requirement
  • Company Directory Builder Simple search engine for the employees
  • Reporting Get Standard Report and build new report
  • Goal Management Template-one standard Template Combine goal alignment, visibility, and accountability reports to keep managers up-to-date on their
  • Goal Cascading Allow to cascade to the goal
  • Pre packaged Goal and Competency Evaluation Library Propopulated Goals based on the job function
  • Performance management – one standard Template Facilitate an ongoing dialogue between employees and managers
  • 360 degree Review Collect feedback on employees’ performance and behavior with quantitative and qualitative data
  • Calibration and Stack Ranker Help organisation to do the normalization
  • Document Generation -max 2 Generate letter like address proof
  • Custom Object with MDF-1 Faces Upload profile pictures


  • One Global System of Record
  • Cloud based HR Data for better decisions across the enterprise
  • Eliminate manual tracking for employee data and continuing HR capabilities in the Cloud
  • Capturing employee, organizational and talent data all in one solution delivers better results, faster.
  • With position management and organizational charting
  • HR workflows across system
  • Integration with Mobile
  • Document Generation -max 2
  • To generate letter like address proof
  • Create individual goals across the organization Streamline the performance appraisal process and reviews
  • Accurate performance assessments
  • Calibrate performance
  • Optimize a company’s most valuable asset: its people

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