Migration to S/4HANA Finance – Data Conversion Insights

Revolutionize finance functions in your organization

Migrate to SAP S/4HANA Finance and simplify your business processes and logistics

 Revolutionize finance functions in your organization while scaling new heights and staying relevant in the Indian landscape.

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What is the need for a simplified finance management system?

With changing regulations and the increasing need for faster reporting, financial operations need to tackle high volumes of data. This necessitates increased processing power and flexibility in reporting.

SAP S/4HANA Finance addresses current global trends and helps you maintain competitive relevance in the Indian landscape. Features like real-time reporting, single source of truth, highest granularity, dynamic and predictive planning, and accelerated financial closing prepares your organization for the future while improving UX.

What are the options for deployment?

On-Premise Deployment features

  • If deployed on-site, the client will have complete control over configuration and modifications through the implementation process.
  • Security and governance will be under the purview of the client and managed by them.
  • Upgrades are released annually to maintain relevance in the competition
  • Migration to S/4 Business suite can be done via HANA, Central S/4HANA Finance or other on-point solutions available in their premise.

Cloud Deployment features:

  • Ideal for companies that prefer using a subscription-based service.
  • NTT DATA Business Solutions India will manage the security and governance of the systems.
  • Limited scope for customization.
  • Migration to S/4 Business suite can be done via HANA, Central S/4HANA Finance or other on-point solutions available in their premise.
  • New upgrades are given in the form of quarterly releases
  • Based on the requirements of the firm, cloud set-up can be either managed privately or publicly with differential levels of access.
  • A managed private cloud allows for a higher level of customization and modifications compared to a public cloud solution.


  • This is a combination of on-premise and cloud deployment with point solutions via the cloud for business processes that are discrete.
  • Seamless reporting across systems is enabled through integration between cloud and on-premise platforms

Value Proposition for SAP S/4HANA Finance

Enhanced reporting functionality

The foundation for SAP S/4HANA Finance reporting is based on transactional data stored in a high-performing database. With the removal of ETL, drilling down to individual line items is simpler and faster. With a centralized database, real-time derivation of profitability characteristics reduces manual labour and increases turnover and efficiency.

Rapid monthly closing process

SAP S/4HANA allows existing application logic to be reprogrammed to run in real-time. With changes in correction postings visible in near real-time, the closing process is faster. This further negates the need to manually reconcile FI and CO sub-modules, automatically reconciling them as they are written together in the same table.

Simplified UX

Specifically designed for the easiest UX it reduces processing overdue receivables by a large margin. With a single entry point and unified experience across devices, it increases user productivity, requires less training when onboarding new employees and reduced errors. The system has a diverse set of applications that help deliver the best UX.

Seamless integration

Integrating S/4HANA Finance into a complex IT landscape is done by replicating data to the Central Finance instance in real-time. This is suited for moving from a complex landscape towards a shared finance service centre. With the Central Finance system providing all the required functionality using their accounting functionality decommissions the source systems. When the migration is linked to operational and financial drivers it provides a structured framework delivering higher value, revenue, and productivity.

Some useful insights for S/4HANA Finance

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