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Customers today are perpetually connected and digitally aware. They expect products tailored to their specifications, swift turnarounds, and streamlined service at a competitive price. With changing demands, the Indian manufacturing industry needs to keep pace.

The landscape in India is slowly evolving from a system of simple machines and manual labour to intelligent systems with embedded technologies. While the adoption of automation is not widespread, it is gradually increasing. However, their use in a country that is still overwhelmingly dependent on human capital for labour marks a significant milestone as a uniquely Indian business innovation.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, digitization is a strategic imperative. With technologies like IoT, AI/ML, analytics actionable insights are the way to go. Most firms start this transformation in areas like sales and marketing. However, without an agile manufacturing process, it becomes impossible to meet the changing demands of the customer.

This eBook articulates:

  1. The current landscape
  2. Challenges facing the manufacturing industry today
  3. Capabilities of current ERPs
  4. How SAP S/4HANA can transform your business

We examine each of the above in detail with facts and case studies. To learn more, download the eBook, How SAP S/4HANA Can Optimize Manufacturing Operations.

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