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Belgal Manjunath | January 25, 2018

SAP Leonardo Overview


The need for innovation and digitalization in the current business scenarios is increasing rapidly. The business strategies nowadays are developed on the technologies that can be used to meet the customer demands, enhance their market value and ascend over their competitors. Technologies like Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics incorporated into their business process and decision-making can help businesses achieve this breakthrough.

The challenges are:  from where to begin and how to do it?

SAP Leonardo combined with SAP Leonardo Innovation Services are the solution to the determination of the right innovation answer.

SAP Leonardo is the Digital Innovation System that integrates the external future-facing technologies and capabilities integrated in the SAP Cloud Platform into one intelligent system. Using this bimodal strategy, the SAP Leonardo innovation services are deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform isolating you core system from any risks or changes.

By infusing SAP Leonardo into the breadth of the SAP portfolio, we unlock and power the virtuous cycle of innovation.

The data and transactions that were only recorded in the system, will now be used as the inputs for the system of innovation that would provide intelligent insights and automate the business process.With SAP S/4HANA on the core SAP Leonardo helps the business to scale at large helping in digital transformation by rapidly adopt new business models and capabilities – and add future technologies as they emerge.

Licensing and Subscription becomes simpler than ever as it would be only for the technologies and capabilities that you would be willing to use; invest on the service than the product.

SAP Leonardo is implemented using the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services.

The SAP Leonardo Innovation series comprises of new-style and needful approaches such as User-Centered Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping that would include:

Understanding your business processes, identifying the target area for innovation and Building a Proof of Concept (prototype) for a chosen process.

Itelligence can help you in your path to innovation by helping you transform with creating new business models and implement the SAP Leonardo Technologies that can help your business scale at large using Design thinking services.

As the necessity to take the digital approach for running the businesses is intensifying rapidly and needless to mention that early adopters are winning; we at NTT DATA Business Solutions using SAP Leonardo Innovation Services can help you in your transition into an Intelligent Digital Enterprise.

Follow us to know more on how Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain and other technologies can help transform your business.



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