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I can still remember my youth clearly… twice a year, there was a state of emergency at our house. Those two days – one in spring and one in fall – were eagerly awaited for the entire year. My mother could not wait for this occasion: the arrival of the new OTTO catalog. Shopping again at last!

What Are Print Catalogs Like in 2018?

E-commerce platforms are now indispensable, particularly in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) business areas. The times of mass-print catalogs and distributing them to customers have been left behind – for the most part at least.

Nowadays, all information on a product can be found independently, quickly and easily over the internet and even accessed through other media such as videos, product data sheets and many more. Today, we receive news of product upgrades, special sales and important product information by email, which means that we are always up-to-date. Gone are the times of waiting months for the latest catalog. Here and now, we always need all information ideally by yesterday – both in our private lives and in the workplace.

Bricks-and-mortar retail is also increasingly having to fight online competition. Many chains are already active online themselves and generate a large portion of their revenues in this way. Why should you not make use of this in other areas as well and impress your customers with simple product comparisons, high-resolution videos, attractive images and the option to enter offers and orders directly?

What Does the it.product Catalog Offer?

The following functions are available in the mobile app:

  • Digital product presentation (images, videos, product brochures etc.)
  • Mobile visit overview
  • Important customer information at a glance
  • Quick and easy customer online search
  • Clear product comparison of up to four items
  • Storage of wishlists and favorite products
  • Direct entry of customer orders
  • Central marketing materials for visit support
  • Unique and intuitive operation
  • Online and offline

it.product catalog for optimized product presentations, due to intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Why Do I Need a Digital Product Catalog When I Already Have an E-Commerce Platform in Use?

This is one of the most frequent questions that come up in discussions about a digital product catalog. The digital product catalog and your existing e-commerce platforms are not in competition but form the ideal combination! Let me illustrate with two examples.

There are two different use cases:

  • Use at the point of sale
    The it.product catalog can be easily installed in stores, thereby offering customers the opportunity to view additional product information and compare products together with the seller or by themselves.
  • Use by sales employees
    In addition to product presentation and consulting, the it.product catalog helps you with your appointments. And this is all offline! The sales employee can also put the desired products in the shopping basket together with customers and then record these as customer orders or offers.

Which Backend System Do I Need?

We differentiate here between the origin of information on master and movement data, such as customers and visits, as well as the recording of sales notes and the origin of product information.

The it.product catalog app is compatible with multiple backends! But what exactly does this mean? I will try to explain.

It means that master data can come from an SAP ERP, SAP C/4HANA (formerly SAP Hybris Cloud), SAP CRM or other backend system and be processed in the it.product catalog.

The product information is provided via a standard catalog format that contains all important information, such as product hierarchy, product descriptions, images, videos etc.

The it.product catalog provides an ideal means of presenting all the information and offers your sales employees and customers a new user experience.


For years, my mother has been waiting in vain for the new OTTO catalog to do some serious shopping again! No, joking aside, she has already made the switch and now enjoys the new way to shop using her laptop.

The it.product catalog is the ideal addition to your new e-commerce strategy. If you have already taken the step into the world of e-commerce, then combine it with the digital product catalog – it.product catalog – as an add-on and also offer your sales employees the opportunity to inspire your customers with an up-to-date user experience in product presentation and meeting management.

If you are not using an online shop yet, it is no big deal. Use the it.product catalog here as an entry to the digital world in order to provide both your customers and your sales employees with a new, innovative tool for product presentation. See for yourself… don’t miss out!

For more information on it.product catalog ask for a demo.

Robin Hartmann, Business Development Manager – Innovation & Portfolio, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG-



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