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Promoting the Pinnacle of Cycling History With Groundbreaking AI Service Technology

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PARSONII at Vejle Municipality

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • With only limited AI insight at Vejle Municipality, NTT DATA provided the expert skills and experience needed for this type of project
  • The project was a perfect match for the collaborative spirit upon which Vejle Erhverv is based with NTT DATA providing the digital human DNA and the municipality adding just the right nuances and personality

I’m not an AI specialist myself, but this project really opened my eyes to why having a service avatar makes perfect sense – especially after a pandemic and with a lack of manpower for routine tasks.

Jens Jørn Josefsen Project Manager, VisitVejle, Vejle Municipality

Challenges and Benefits


  • Vejle Municipality is always looking for ways to improve the tourist experience of visiting Vejle
  • The municipality wanted to do something extra for their large-scale Tour de France 2022 event when stage 3 of the prestigious race starts out in Vejle
  • As a part of the municipality’s overall digitalization strategy, Vejle Erhverv wished to showcase the potential and application of AI and digital solutions to local businesses as well as international guests


  • PARSONII requires a shorter training period than a human guide
  • Victoria’s personality and ability to detect and mirror moods ensures a personal experience for visitors and tourists
  • PARSONII supports the continuous improvement of the accessibility of the service and information Vejle Municipality provides for visitors
  • The digital human allows improved flexibility and lower costs when it comes to adjusting to the varying need for guides depending on events and tourist seasons


  • PARSONII platform

Digital Tourist Guide at Vejle Municipality | PARSONII
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