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Savcan Textile

Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Proven track record of projects and strong references in the textiles industry
  • The corporate stance of NTT DATA Business Solutions, the presence and expertise of the project team, and particularly the industry-specific expertise of the consultants

Making the right strategic decisions is possible only by analyzing the right data. And providing the right data depends on minimizing manual work. To do this, we implemented SAP® ERP and thanks to the expertise of itelligence*, we were able to complete
the project in as little as nine months.

Ayfer Doğru, Information Systems Manager, Savcan Textile Group

Established in 1987 in Bursa, a capital of textiles, Savcan Textile Group has been active in the textiles and ready-to-wear clothing industry in Turkey and many areas of Europe for over 30 years.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Ensured end-to-end management through integration of all processes
  • Enabled end-to-end traceability of fabrics, dyed-printed fabrics, and ready-to-wear clothing
  • Accelerated decision-making processes through simplification
  • Provided secure access to important, required information
  • Improved coordination in business processes
  • Increased quality in production and HR processes, and improved consistency in operational, supportive, and administrative processes
  • Defined clear roles and responsibilities, enabling comprehensive performance management


  • Simplifying and accelerating decision-making processes while easily accessing cohesive information
  • Ensuring comprehensive performance management through clearly defined roles and responsibilities



Digital Transformation in the Capital of Textiles with SAP® ERP

Established in 1987 in Bursa, a capital of textiles, Savcan Textile Group has been active in the textiles and ready-to-wear clothing industry in Turkey and many areas of Europe for over 30 years. Its 900 employees provide round-the-clock service at regional offices in Paris, London, Barcelona, Warsaw, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. With a monthly
production capacity of two million meters of fabric, the company is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Bursa.
Savcan Textile participates in Turquality, a support program organized by the Turkish Ministry of Economy to promote the global development of Turkish brands. As part of this program, Savcan Textile is digitizing its business with the aim of optimizing processes, ensuring inventory consistency, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing employee and machinery efficiency.

Quickly Adapting to Changing Conditions Is Crucial

Digitization is an inevitable part of both our daily and business lives. It is almost impossible to imagine an industry or a business process that is not affected by digitization, and textiles is rapidly catching up with other sectors. This is just one of the reasons why Savcan Textile Group decided to begin its digital transformation journey with SAP ERP and NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Noting that much has changed in our lives over the last 25 years, information systems manager Ayfer Doğru says, “Unlike the past, the key to success and leadership in today’s business world, where we face intense competition, is to quickly adapt to the changing conditions. Therefore, we have set out to integrate all our platforms of weaving, print, and ready-to-wear clothing and to extend digital transformation to all our processes. We are very happy to be implementing this strategy in partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions, an expert in its field.” Savcan Textile chose NTT DATA Business Solutions based on its proven track record of projects in the textiles industry and the industry expertise of NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants. Over the course of the nine-month project, Savcan Textile integrated all weaving, dyeing, printing,
and production processes, ensuring easy end-to-end management. Furthermore, by defining clear roles and responsibilities, it was able to ensure comprehensive performance management. Savcan Textile now has full traceability of its products, including fabrics and ready-to-wear clothing. As new systems and processes come into effect, the projects for risk-decreasing applications will continue.

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