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Iochpe-Maxion Success Case - GUEPARDO

ERP for the automotive Industry

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Iochpe-Maxion choose NTT DATA Business Solutions to implement GUEPARDO;
  • Highly qualified technical team focused on delivery quality;
  • Proximity and participation of the executives in the day-to-day of the project.

GUEPARDO represents a milestone from the tax point of view of Iochpe-Maxion. It brought accuracy in the information and financial management of the company.

Patrícia Lopes, Global Senior Tax Manager, Iochpe-Maxion

Employees: + 17.000 (2021)

Iochpe-Maxion is a global company, leader in the production of automotive wheels and one of the main producers of automotive structural components in Americas.

Challenges and Benefits


  • The need to implement tax software;
  • Enhance the delivery of obligations to the Tax Authorities;
  • Unify all tax information in a single database.


  • 360° view of the entire tax operation;
  • Gain in efficiency, performance and productivity;
  • Transparency and data agility with greater integration between the sectors.


  • GUEPARDO Tax for TDF

Success Case Iochpe-Maxion

Success Case Iochpe-Maxion

Download the file and find out how NTT DATA Business Solutions optimized Iochpe-Maxion's tax area!

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Case de Sucesso - Iochpe Maxion
Watch on Case de Sucesso -  Iochpe Maxion

Iochpe-Maxion optimizes its Tax Compliance with GUEPARDO

Iochpe-Maxion identified the opportunity to standardize the processes, concepts, and tax activities among the manufacturing units in Brazil, as well as to make a real-time connection with accounting, so the company could capture the accounting movements and ensure security and accuracy in the information which is the source for tax analyses.

Originally, the project was started with a simpler scope and sought to meet what was essential to the business. However, Iochpe-Maxion then realized that process improvement and evolution was an innovative factor that would bring business expansion. The company, which was in the process of implementing SAP S/4HANA, engaged NTT DATA specialists to implement the GUEPARDO Tax for TDF. With this, the company unified the information in a single database and strengthened its tax compliance.

The NTT DATA team, through the implementation of GUEPARDO Tax for TDF, has transformed the fiscal area of Iochpe-Maxion. The project delivered intelligence in the operations and strengthened the company’s tax compliance. Iochpe-Maxion optimized its obligations, unified the information in a single database, parameterized its accounting calculations and now has more structured internal processes. An incredible project thanks to a successful partnership!

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