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In the digital transformation journey we started with itelligence* Turkey, the industry’s first simulation structure was configured on the business planning and consolidation solution SAP BPC to increase efficiency, accelerate processes of financial planning, and reduce the risk of error. Various scenarios were generated. Within this scope, we doubled the existing operations by automating all our manual processes, thereby accelerating processes in budgeting. Thus, we are now able to make more accurate and significant decisions regarding goals, performance, and strategy and plan our future steps in advance.

Erdem Kuybulu, AGT, Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

AGT started its activities in Antalya in 1984 with the dream of processing and developing the wood specifically for individuals and institutions with developing technology, operates today as one of the world’s leading companies in the furniture components industry.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Full control over the budget through Income – Expenditure – Production – Cost planning
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Management of different types of reporting from a single location
  • Creating financial statements in minutes through the Fast Simulation Project


  • SAP BW
  • SAP BO


  • Central supervision of financial processes
  • Ability to create fast simulations and scenarios based on various parameters
  • End-to-end and safe process management covering all departments
  • Access to faster and more flexible reports
  • Mobile access to advanced reporting structures and dashboards
AGT, Istanbul, Turkey

Increasing Efficiency through SAP® BPC

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AGT Increases Efficiency in All Processes through SAP BPC Project

Founded in Antalya in 1984, AGT is a leading global company operating in the furniture components industry today. In its modern production facilities, located on a total of 450 thousand square meters in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, AGT serves the furniture, decoration, and construction industries. Making progress on the basis of its determination to become a market driving leader in the global arena and its vision of “AGT Effect” combining wood and technology, AGT collaborated with SAP’s Global | Platinum Partner NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey in the SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) Project to facilitate the company’s business processes. With its sales points in 5 continents, in addition to its broad network of dealers across Turkey, the company wished to significantly increase efficiency, accelerate its financial closures, and reduce the risk of error. This quest enabled them to meet SAP BPC as the best solution to meet their needs.

AGT soon realized its budgeting process with the integrated solution SAP BPC, increasing its corporate performance. Implemented within such short a time as 6 months, the solution was made available to the teams without any additional expertise requirements thanks to the familiar user experience it enables via its Microsoft Excel interface.

“Fast Simulation Project” in budget planning

A project titled “Fast Simulation Project” was implemented on the SAP BPC solution. This project enabled the budget planning teams to quickly respond to the administration’s amendment requests with financial statements and analysis reports which took only minutes to generate. The sales budget was generated by the budget planning specialists in a completely dynamic manner upon selecting the top ‘n’ customers with the highest actual revenues and the top ‘n’ product groups sold to them (“top ‘n’ selection”). Similar product groups were managed via the representative Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) selected.

The variations in the amounts of use in material formulas and the structures of the component variations in the formulas were dynamically built. Percentage changes were enabled on a product group basis to the items on the formulas which had the greatest impact on costs. Thanks to all these processes, control over the budget set-up was increased, the end-to-end cycle time of the entire process was reduced, and the system was enabled to make
suggestions based on the smart codes written into the system.

The time savings enabled by the “Fast Simulation Project” guided the making of accurate and significant strategic decisions. Additional benefits were enabled in terms of the company’s decision-making processes by the budget developed, actual comparable reports and calculated rates, thanks to full integration of the system with SAP in its operations.


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