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With Robotic Process Automation, you can reduce risks, human errors and increase efficiency in doing repetitive tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) refers to software robots in computers that automatically perform desk jobs and repetitive work (mostly jobs with fixed logic), replacing human or intellectual workers.

The concept of RPA has proven to have the ability to deliver quicker results. Just like AI and IoT, RPA has grown to be one of the most popular IT terms. However, majority of people still confuse and do not fully understand the difference and relationship between AI and RPA.

RPA is a perfect solution that delivers various advantages to users including reducing operating hours/cost and improving operational quality. No matter what industry you are in, RPA is a low cost and quick way to drive your workstyle innovation.


About WinActor

WinActor is an RPA solution developed by NTT corporation. The solution operates based on technology and know-how platform to aid in increasing work efficiency. WinActor remembers scripts to handle jobs on platforms Windows applications or on a stand-alone business system to automatically perform work on the PC on behalf of the user.

The purpose of developing this tool is not merely to replace human working, but to become a tool that always goes by human side, developing together with people. WinActor received many positive reviews from customers for its contributions such as saving labor in jobs with fixed logic, improving work efficiency and quality, and optimizing division of labor into jobs, bringing about high added value. Thanks to the simple application and stable run, at the end of February 2018, WinActor has been adopted by more than 1900 enterprises.

Advantages of using WinActor Robotic Process Automation

Easy to Use

Everyone can easily use and operate the solution. No need for specific background or experience required for coding and technical settings.

Reduced Risk

With WinActor, you can prevent occurrence of human error and any unnecessary workloads that requires high accuracy

Smooth Integration

WinActor can easily be integrated with your existing software and systems, such as CRM, HRM, and ERP.

Optimal Saving

With WinActor RPA, you can save time and operational cost. Avoid unnecessary time allocation for high-volume repetitive jobs, and save both initial investment costs and operating costs.

High Security

WinActor is installed on employee’s computers and does not require internet connection to operate. There will be no data transmission outside of the organization.

Quick Result

WinActor does not require a long time for you to clearly see the effects it brings. You will notice a lot of time saving, cost saving and outstanding accurancy.

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