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About Datavard

Datavard, SAP Silver Partner, is an SAP Data Management and transformation-based solutions company, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. Datavard has been offering SAP based solutions for 22 years (Datavard is an SAP certified solutions provider). They have their Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore and Global offices in Europe and USA. Datavard believes in “Customer/Partner first” strategy and builds long term relationships. It has a proven track record of customers across all industries and regions. Datavard says what they can do and does exactly what they say.

Datavard Solutions

Datavard’s Professional Services and Software portfolio revolves around cutting operational budgets & freeing up time helping you to run your SAP landscape with optimal efficiency. And if you want to get more out of your SAP data, they will help you build the data warehouse of the future.

Read on to learn more about Datavard’s product offerings.

Datavard Glue

Big Data scenarios are getting more and more relevant for many companies. Scenarios and use cases include Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics, Churn Reduction, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Clickstream Integration, etc. However, data is still generated and stored in silos – especially when it comes to SAP. Breaking down these silos to implement data integration is becoming a top priority. Datavard GlueTM helps to achieve true integration between SAP and Big Data platforms both in the cloud and on-premises.

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Datavard Glue is available for Google Cloud Platform –

Datavard Glue is in Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

Datavard Glue™ Achieves SAP Certification as Integrated with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP:

Features of Glue

  • ETL to and from various sources (on premise and cloud)
  • Push based extraction for maximum control over your SAP data
  • Batch and streaming execution
  • Trigger based Delta extraction (CDC)
  • Mass deployment (object generation) and execution (parallelization)
  • Leverages SAP authorization objects, development tools and frameworks
  • Supports any ABAP based SAP system

Datavard OutBoard

ERP archiving for all your SAP data needs

Datavard OutBoard for ERP archiving can help you fast track your way to S/4HANA and offers an affordable solution for all your SAP data needs. Mitigate risks and prepare your data foundation in advance. Reduce costs whilst optimizing your SAP landscape in the face of a complex transformation.

You can speed up your way to SAP S/4HANA and cloud migration by preparing your data foundation in advance. Analyzing and archiving prior to a migration can cut your database size by up to 50% allowing you to migrate to a smaller HANA system – reducing costs and freeing up vital IT budget in advance, which could ultimately be invested in the migration project itself – win-win! Archiving to the cloud with Datavard OutBoard, not only offers a more cost effective storage solution, but also ensures access to all your important historical data – no matter where it is stored, whilst staying compliant with all sap regulations for access rights.

Outboard for your archiving needs

Access all safely

Datavard OutBoard is a holistic archiving solution that moves data between your SAP database and an external storage of your choice based on an analysis of archiving potentialIt ensures you have access to all your important historical data – no matter where it is stored whilst staying compliant with all sap regulations for access rights. By archiving your data in this way, you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure compliance whilst keeping data growth under control. And on top of this moving your historical data to the cloud can enable you to reduce costs whilst optimizing your SAP landscape in the face of a complex transformation.

SAP Expertise

OutBoard Suite is the only solution on the market, that can cover all SAP systems – SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, BW/4HANA, SAP CRM etc. – even HANA native. It supports all SAP standard interfaces and has components that cover everything from analysis and automation of archiving through to decommissioning for your entire SAP landscape. 

No Proprietary Storage

OutBoard supports various storage solutions: Traditional, big data technologies as well as cloud- based solutions, for example Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. All this ensures that you can use the best storage technology for you in terms of costs, know-how and future architecture. In line with current and future architecture. 

Should the architecture change, OutBoard is ready – we can support you to migrate to a new storage no matter the scenario. And the flexibility of our storage management means it is always easy to switch your storage provider, ensuring that your archived data is always futureproof and seamlessly accessible. 

Archived Data Available for Further Data Analytics

Usually, data is difficult to access after archiving. OutBoard offers additional access options beyond the SAP standard that allows not only traditional types of access through SAP front end, but also consumption of archived data on big data platforms. With this, modern forms of reporting are possible, as well as access to historical data for AI/ML algorithms, where historical data is critical for accurate results, innovation and even disruption


We believe we can match or improve on any like-for-like offerings. Speak to us today to see how we could save you money on your archiving solution! You have nothing to lose.

Datavard DataFridge

Secure and cost-efficient. Turn off legacy systems with Datavard DataFridge

DataFridge™ allows Data extraction from your legacy systems on cost-effective storage media (e.g. data lakes in the cloud).

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