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NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia provides Cloud Solutions for Finance Automation

Jakata, July 04, 2022 – Comprehensive changes are weighing on the global economy. Companies are restructuring their business and creating new reliable structures to meet the current challenges. Cloud solutions have recently become increasingly a topic for companies looking for ways to adapt and grow even in difficult times.

In collaboration with Google Cloud Platform and OpenText, NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia invited companies to the event “The Future of Finance and Elevated Digital Business Processes” on June 20, 2022, to raise awareness about future-proof solutions. The focus was on cloud solutions and financial automation. This collaboration aims to help companies that have an existing SAP system and those affected by the pandemic to leverage SAP and cloud technology.

“We see the importance of transforming the company’s infrastructure to the cloud solutions. By working together, NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia is well positioned to help businesses successfully migrate systems and data and create value,” said Hafferson Manurung, Executive Director of NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia.

The strong partnership of NTT DATA Business Solutions, OpenText and Google Cloud Platform encourages businesses to improve their systems and infrastructures with solutions that accelerate growth through efficiency.

With this partnership, each company offers their own respective service and solution. NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia participates as an SAP system Implementer, OpenText as a provider for finance automation with Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), and Google Cloud Platform as a cloud infrastructure provider.

Since the disruptive pandemic happened in 2020, the companies are expected to migrate to cloud technology to minimalize the impact and rebuild their companies with systems that are more flexible and accurate. Digital transformation is also an option that can help companies to get back to the market and expand with the new normal situation that tends to change quickly.

By leveraging the cloud technology, companies can run more effectively and efficiently. With the existence of cloud, it allows streamlining real-time data and accelerating the decision-making process which is crucial in critical times such as a pandemic.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia has an extensive experience in leading large-scale companies on their SAP system migration to cloud. As a multinational company, NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia also has a global support to achieve a successful digital transformation and reach the company’s business goal more effectively and efficiently.

According to the prediction of the public cloud market in Indonesia from Statista, it is forecasted that the growth will reach 870 million USD this year and continue to increase up to 2.42 billion USD in 2026. As a company that pushes digital transformation, NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia will continue to grow in parallel with the market.

As one of the efforts in pushing the targeted growth, NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia will be working more closely with our partners that provide infrastructure and cloud-based solutions such as Google Cloud Platform and OpenText and continue to provide information on the importance of digital transformation for companies to minimalize the impact of turbulent situations.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Indonesia in collaboration with partner OpenText and Google Cloud Platform provide solutions that makes integration with various innovation possible. One of the highlighted focusses is finance automation with Vendor Invoice Management solution.

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