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NTT DATA Business Solutions | June 28, 2022

RISE with SAP S/4HANA : A High-level Perspective

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ERP Solution has evolve rapidly in the recent years we are now talking more about total integration and leveraging. SAP S/4HANA Solution is build on cloud platform that is auto-scale eliminating the complexity of infrastructure provisioning and capacity planning. It is securely connected with other system and mobile apps. Also by incorporating with big data analytics and artificial intelligence the solution will empower your team in the organization’s to derive optimum values from the data.

There are 2 key challenges facing the businesses in this era. First, is to select the best suited IT solutions, and second, is to implement it correctly with the best team. Rise with SAP transforms company to Intelligent and sustainable Enterprise with a comprehensive solutions. A cloud ERP for every business need, which incorporated the industry best practice, extensive business analytics, and business process intelligence.

There are several values that company can get with Rise with SAP:

Simplification and ease of use

SAP S/4 HANA brings along immense simplification to the management and administrations of the IT landscape resources and serve as the digital core for business processes.

Cost Effectiveness 

Adopting S/4HANA is a smart move. As far as cost efficiency is considered, you have the ability to bring together all the analytical and transactional capacity and the variety of systems onto one location. These enables immerse business decision making process.


SAP S/4HANA sets the stage for future innovation. Enterprises can stay ahead of the curve and make decisions that are future ready. S/4HANA applications leverage speed, context and data accessibility like never before.

Improved performance and Productivity

S/4HANA enables improved performance by allowing you to plan, execute, generate reports and analytics based on live data, as well as triggering period closing and providing improved predictions. It also enables your organization to provide better service for customer-centric applications.

All these values will enhance the top line margin and reduce the bottom line cost, and in turn translate to better profitability for the company.

We Transform. SAP® Solutions into Value

Digital transformation helps companies reach their full potential – if the underlying technologies work for the people using them! At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we design, implement, manage and continuously enhance SAP solutions to make them work for companies – and for their people.

​​​​​​​With operations in more than 30 countries, we have enabled thousands of companies become more efficient and effective during the last three decades. Our 12,000 experts around the world will also accompany you on your journey toward a truly intelligent enterprise – wherever you want to start!

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