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Veeco Instruments

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Over time, Support Advantage has not only solved a lot of problems for us, but they’ve made our internal staff much more informed.

Linda Chan, Senior IT Director, Veeco Instruments

Veeco creates process equipment that enables technologies for a cleaner and more productive world. The company design, manufacture and market thin film equipment aligned with global trends, such as energy efficiency, mobility and the internet-of-things. They develop highly differentiated, best-in-class equipment for critical high-tech performance steps in thin film processing.

Veeco’s process equipment is primarily used to make light emitting diodes (LEDs), power electronics, wireless devices, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), hard disk drives and semiconductors. The company is market leader in MOCVD, MBE, Ion Beam Etch and other advanced thin film process technologies. Veeco operates in 10 countries with approximately 800 employees worldwide.

Kihívások és előnyök


  • Roll out new ERP solution across the entire enterprise
  • Effectively maintain all company’s modules


  • Stand-by experts for tactical issues
  • Improvement of the company’s internal knowledge base


  • Application Support
  • Application Enhancement
  • Remote Administration
Veeco Instruments Inc., New York, United States

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About the Project

New challenges arose when Veeco decided to implement SAP across all its holdings. Each new implementation site required SAP support services to maintain operations and optimize performance while Veeco continued to roll out its new ERP solution across the entire enterprise. This conundrum threatened to strain resources and detract from overall efficiency. To solve its dilemma, Veeco called on Support Advantage services from NTT DATA Business Solutions, Inc.

“Using NTT DATA Business Solutions I continue to recommend Support Advantage partially because it allows you to call in resources when and where you need help,” Linda Chan, Veeco’s Senior IT Director explained. “It’s difficult to afford internal consultants, especially when you consider the number of different modules incorporated into our ERP solution. Support Advantage gives us stand-by experts for tactical issues, without having to expend time and energy involved in recruiting and hiring. You get exactly what you need, when and where you need it. Without Support Advantage, there’s no way we could effectively maintain all of our modules.”
Veeco relies on Support Advantage to solve their SAP support needs and make sure that each challenge receives expert attention. This system has not only allowed Veeco to receive expert help in a timely fashion, but having application support has actually improved the company’s internal knowledge base. “Over time, Support Advantage has not only solved a lot of problems for us, but they’ve also made our internal staff much more informed,” Chan said. “After we rolled out our ERP solution, we met with the functional consultant once a week. As we continued to work with our support partner, our meetings with the consultants became bi-weekly, then monthly, then quarterly. So, the knowledge transfer definitely worked.”

Support Advantage continues to deepen its contributions to Veeco. In addition to application support services, NTT DATA Business Solutions’ remote administration professionals perform strategic road-mapping for Chan and her associates. As Chan explains, “I actually have someone on the tech side who makes sure I’m on the right release, that I shouldn’t be installing any more support packs, and monitor my overall progress.”

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