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Smyths Toys

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Proactive SAP Support Services
  • Experienced SAP Consultants
  • Local Account Management

NTT DATA Business Solutions always put in 100% effort on our projects and the support we have been receiving has been first class. The high quality consulting and the depth of SAP capability has added immense value to our business. We view NTT DATA Business Solutions as a strategic partner who is jointly moving forward with us.

Rob Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys Superstores is a family-owned, Irish multinational chain provider of children’s toys and entertainment products with over 100 stores throughout the UK & Ireland.  NTT DATA Business Solutions has been a partner with Smyths Toys since 2013 after taking responsibility for their SAP Support arrangements.

Challenges and Benefits

Supporting Growth

  • Smyths Toys required an IT platform capable of scaling with the demands of the business
  • They required an SAP Support Partner who could provide the right mix of operational efficiency and IT innovation during this period of change


  • Introduce improvements to SAP User Experience and simplify processes for warehouse operatives
  • Ensure accurate pricing on individual products throughout channels
  • Introduce warehouse replenishment, accurate stock information in stores and warehouse stock balancing
  • Enhance Click & Collect


  • Key SAP projects completed included improvements to SAP usability with SAP Fiori apps plus development projects including Price Ticketing, Stock Maintenance and the Automatic Warehouse Replenishment (AWS) Solution
Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience Across Shopping Channels

Smyths Toys introduced an IT transformation programme to align operational efficiency with SAP innovation. The project was founded on improving business efficiency by reviewing and simplifying existing processes.

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Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience Across Shopping Channels

Key SAP Projects Completed

SAP Fiori Apps. From sales channels and prices to stock management and customer ratings, a number of SAP Fiori apps have been introduced to Smyths Toys to enhance business productivity. The development of SAP Fiori apps is leading to a dramatically improved user acceptance of SAP with many processes simplified and improvements in data accuracy. Key users now have mobile access to accurate information to support them in their day to day activities.

Price Ticketing has been rolled out to all stores. The new price labelling app delivers greater accuracy of pricing and ensures a single price entity across the stock with capability for real-time price-match offers.

Automatic Warehouse Replenishment (AWR). The new AWR process ensures the stores are stocked overnight before opening time.

Stores Stock Maintenance. The new stock process allows staff within the stores to perform a stock adjustment via their in-store RF device. This is an important enhancement that ensures accurate stock information in the stores.

Pre-Order Management. Provides visibility of preorders within the stores and integrates Smyths Toys digital channels to in-store operations – providing guaranteed stock availability that integrates seamlessly with the ‘click and collect’ programme.

Click & Collect. Since the stock maintenance and preorder management projects went live, Click & Collect orders are now successfully processed in stores.

Rob Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Smyths Toys commented “Our click & collect service is proving to be very successful with improvements in stock accuracy and visibility, which is leading to reductions in stock holding and stock turn.”

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