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NKT Group

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Wide range of expertise in SAP SuccessFactors implementation
  • Well-known methodology fastens implementation process and streamlines daily use
  • Multinational approach with local presence
  • Knowledge of NTT DATA Business Solutions from previous projects as a solid and trustworthy partner

Frantisek Sourek, Vice President, HR, NKT Group

With SAP SuccessFactors, we can now bring HR-related data to all our leaders, which will enable them to make quicker and better business decisions based on data.

Frantisek Sourek, Vice President, HR, NKT Group

International company focuses on data-driven leadership.

NKT is a global front-line supplier to the energy sector that develops, manufactures and markets high-quality cables, accessories and solutions for electrical infrastructure, the construction segment and the railway industry.

Headquartered in Denmark, NKT employ more than 3,500 employees in 18 countries. In 2016, the company launched a new strategy and organizational structure, which raised the demands for a centralized HR system that would improve internal communication and help leaders ignite a stronger performance culture.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Successfully adapting HR to new organizational structure
  • Lack of overall organizational overview
  • Increased demand for centralizing HR activities across countries
  • Optimizing recruiting processes across countries


  • SAP SuccessFactors across all markets in NKT Group


  • Cloud-based system reducing complexity and streamlining work procedures
  • Increased transparency with track-and-trace of processes
  • Leaders can now act faster and be more data-driven
  • Option to scale the system to meet future needs
  • Ease of mind with no hosting or upgrades

SAP SuccessFactors Streamlines Working Procedures

To streamline work processes and successfully adapt to the new organizational structure, NKT searched for a proven and future-proof cloud-based HR software. And after a bidding round, they chose to work with NTT DATA Business Solutions for the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors is an integrated, cloud-based HR solution that provides companies with all the necessary tools to unleash people’s full potential. Out of the many different modules available, NKT has chosen to implement 3 main features: the HR core system Employee Central, Performance & Goals and Recruiting.

Cables are a People’s Business

After implementing the solution in only four months, NKT launched SAP SuccessFactors in September 2018. And now, after less than six months, NKT has already experienced tangible benefits from working with the solution. The three modules in SAP SuccessFactors, or ConNKT as NKT has intelligently named the system, work closely together, with Employee Central operating as the core of the HR system. From here, NKT leaders have an overview of the organizational structure across countries and divisions, and can gain access to employees’ personal profiles. The Performance & Goals module enables leaders to set employee goals and rate their performance as part of employee assessments and feedback. Finally, the Recruiting function streamlines all aspects of the recruitment process in one place, which eases the workload, cuts costs and attracts highly attractive employees.

“By consolidating our HR data in one place, leaders can now act faster and be more data-driven. With streamlined processes and easy-to-use tools, leaders gain fantastic insights into the world of every employee to help them grow and succeed,” says Frantisek Sourek, Vice President, HR, NKT Group, who goes on to elaborate on the efficient implementation phase: “NTT DATA Business Solutions’ well-proven “ready-to-run” project methodology was key in the efficient implementation process. The NTT DATA Business Solutions specialists managed the process from A to Z, enabling us to move forward and enter the digital era in HR,” Frantisek Sourek concludes.

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