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LOGSTOR, Løgstør, Denmark

LOGSTOR produces pre-insulated pipe systems for customers around the world and production requires materials and commodities from a range of international suppliers.

Experience MAKIRA

LOGSTOR has automated their invoice processes

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

▪ LOGSTOR has successfully used MAKIRA Capture for invoices for a decade
▪ Excellent integration with SAP® and quick implementation process
▪ Easy maintenance and features that allow buyers to quickly prepare for new order confirmation formats

Susie Nielsen, SAP IT Coordination & Test Manager, LOGSTOR

Each of our 20 buyers is saving an hour every day after we implemented it.capture for order confirmations. Instead of entering all confirmations manually, they can now spend the extra time looking after our suppliers.

Susie Nielsen, SAP IT Coordination & Test Manager, LOGSTOR

Challenges and Benefits


  • Order confirmations were entered manually by the team of buyers, resulting in wasted time
  • Faulty confirmations were often due to human error
  • Errors affected the overall production plan
  • Monotonous manual entries had a demotivating effect on the buyers


  • Automated order confirmations resulting in decreased time wastage and increased productivity
  • Less time needed for monotonous tasks and more time for important tasks
  • Self-learning system requires little maintenance and support


  • MAKIRA Capture automates order confirmations, freeing up time for buyers, lowering erroneous entries, and streamlining the production line

Automated order confirmations help streamline LOGSTOR’s procurement

Business need

Freeing up valuable time

Why waste time on monotonous tasks that result in reduced job satisfaction and potential human errors?
LOGSTOR produces pre-insulated pipe systems for customers around the world and production requires materials and commodities from a range of international suppliers. Previously, all order confirmations from suppliers were manually entered into LOGSTOR’s SAP system by a team of buyers. However, in the last few years, the number of suppliers has increased and the team of buyers has grown from six to 20 members; resulting in a lot of wasted time due to manual entries. By automating the entry of order confirmations with MAKIRA Capture, the team now saves about 100 hours on a weekly basis; freeing up time for important tasks. The solution has not only proved time efficient but has also helped streamline production due to fewer errors and a reduction in late deliveries.


10 years of experience

Using MAKIRA Capture is nothing new to LOGSTOR. In fact, the company has been using MAKIRA Capture to automate their invoices for 10 years. As complexity in the buying department grew, it was natural to look at using the solution for their order confirmations.

Our team of buyers has increased significantly and they would spend about an hour every day entering order confirmations onto our system. Naturally, their time is better spent on more important things so we spoke with our colleagues in finance about their experience with it.capture – and that sold us on the system, says Susie Nielsen, SAP IT Coordination & Test Manager, LOGSTOR, and elaborates:

MAKIRA Capture automates everything and the buyers are very happy at not having to enter confirmations every day. It integrates easily with our SAP solution so implementation took less than a month.


A self-learning solution

While order confirmations differ in format, most of LOGSTOR’s suppliers use a similar order confirmation layout. For MAKIRA Capture to work smoothly upon implementation, the system was fed examples of confirmations so that it recognized the formats. Whenever a format changes, the system will learn the new recognition patterns as long as it follows the set principle for the placement of order specifications. If an order differs completely, the buyers can quickly adjust the system to recognize the new pattern.

Implementation of MAKIRA Capture for order confirmations took only a month from start to finish, and based on the positive feedback, Susie Nielsen expects LOGSTOR to expand its focus on automation in the future.

Our experiences with MAKIRA Capture for both invoices and order confirmations has convinced me that we are not done automating yet. It streamlines manual tasks and drastically reduces the potential for human errors so I believe we are just beginning our automation journey, she concludes.

Experience MAKIRA

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