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GetNet Success Case - AMS Suite

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Features on NTT DATA Business Solutions AMS add value and reliability in the services we offer to GetNet customers.

Features on NTT DATA Business Solutions AMS add value and reliability in the services we offer to GetNet customers.

Giovanni Fagundes Agendes, IT Coordinator, GetNet

Employees: + 3.000

Since 2003 in the Brazilian market, GetNet Network offers payment solutions and electronic transaction authorization.

Kihívások és előnyök


  • Support the high heterogeneity of technology platforms integrated to SAP ERP;
  • Minimize impacts in operational procedures;
  • Continuously support and improve, in a robust and reliable manner, the solution responsible for processing an average of 500,000 Service Invoices (NFSe) monthly;
  • Increase process performance;
  • Optimize integration between SAP and Non-SAP systems through SAP PI.


  • Eliminating inconsistencies in the transmission flow of NFSe;
  • Process execution monitoring;
  • Greater traceability of critical processes;
  • Shorter response time for incident solutions;
  • Increased process performance (programs and interfaces) with Nf-e;
  • 60% reduction in incidents;
  • Using 100% of contracted hours, accumulating a time bank;
  • Reduction of travel expenses through remote services;
  • Reduction of operating costs;
  • Reduction of legal and tax risks.


  • AMS Suite;
  • The project provided a reduction in incidents and a better use of employees’ time, as well as a reduction in operating costs and legal and tax risks.

GetNet adopts AMS suite

When GetNet decided that it needed support to ensure high quality in the operation of its SAP solutions, it chose NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil AMS suite.

A pioneer in Brazil on the N&SP Concept (Network & Service Provider), GetNet Network has been operating in the Brazilian market since 2003 offering payment solutions and electronic transaction authorization for credit and debit cards, private label, cobranded and card benefits/PAT, in addition to electronic recharge of transportation tickets, correspondent bank services, check information queries, credit records, among others.

The support agreement established with NTT DATA Business Solutions ensures to GetNet the continuity of mission critical processes through management of its SAP applications. Enabling the service provided the company increased performance and traceability of its processes, supporting the company’s market expansion.

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